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Historical Fiction by Julia Gregson

Updated on November 23, 2014
St. Briavels
St. Briavels | Source

Award Winning Historical Fiction

I love historical fiction and when a friend of mine from the UK suggested that I read a book by Julia Gregson I was anxious to get started. My friend told me that Julia Gregson lived in the same area of the country that she lived and that her latest book, Jasmine Nights, takes place, in part, in that area. Since I had visited my friend several times, I was really anxious to read a book set in that part of England.

I went to my library and since Jasmine Nights was not available I picked up another of Julia Gregson's books, East of the Sun. I read the book in less than a week and was thrilled with Julia Gregson's writing style. I knew I wanted to read more, so I downloaded her newest book Jasmine Nights to my Kindle.

I love finding new authors to read and I know Julia Gregson will become one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy the review and will discover a new author you will enjoy too!

photos were taken in the village of St. Briavels, England (the setting for part of Jasmine Nights). Photos by myself, mbgphoto

East of the Sun - Julia Gregson

This was the first book that I read by Julia Gregson. It is a delightful story of three young woman who travel by ship from England to India in the 1920's. It was one of those books where you really get involved with the characters and miss them when you turn the last page.

Viva, is the chaperone, hired to accompany the other two women to India. She is not much older than the girls themselves, but she is on her own and determined to make a new life in India. Rose is the beauty who is traveling to India to marry a cavalry officer she has met in England on a couple of brief occasions. Victoria is the bridesmaid who is sent to India with Rose but is determined to find her own husband and stay in India. There is also a young man, Guy, who Viva is also chaperoning as he returns to India to meet up with his parents. As you follow the adventures of these four people you move from the society sections in Bombay to poverty of Tamarind street. It gives you a glimpse into a culture that is very foreign and extremely interesting.

East of the Sun: A Novel
East of the Sun: A Novel

Fascinating characters and interesting history.


Jasmine Nights - Julia Gregson

This is the book I am currently reading by Julia Gregson. I downloaded for my Kindle (my favorite way to read) and I am really enjoying the read. The book is set in the 1940's during the war. It starts off with a young man who was injured during the war and a beautiful young singer he meets while in the hospital.

I was particularly interested in the setting of the book. The young man goes back to his hometown of St. Briavels in England. I have stayed in this small town when I was visitng my friend and it is fun to read a book set in an area of which I am familiar. The photo in the introduction and also the one of The George Inn below are ones I took during our visit.

Jasmine Nights: A Novel
Jasmine Nights: A Novel

If you like historical fiction set in the World War II era you will love this book. It is full of history and romance.


Where is Saint Briavels

A markerSmall Village -
St. Briavels, England
get directions

The George Inn in Saint Briavels

The George Inn in Saint Briavels
The George Inn in Saint Briavels

Band of Angels - Julia Gregson

I am putting this book next on my list of Julia Gregson books to read. The description of the book says it is a book of "courage,passion and heroism." It is the story of a young girl who grows up in a small village in Wales who longs to live the village. She ends up going to London where she gets a position in Florence Nightengale's home for sick governesses. During the war in Crimea she volunteers to be a nurse and is sent on a journey that changes her life forever.

If this book is as good as the other two that I have read by Julia Gregson I'm sure it will be a winner.


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