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Historical Fiction With a Twist by Amanda Quick, a.k.a. Jayne Ann Krentz

Updated on September 11, 2018
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As a retired librarian, Yvonne finally has time to read! She enjoys sharing some of her favorite books and media with friends.

Lovely Gown... Who is your modiste?

Court Dress 1822
Court Dress 1822 | Source

Amanda Quick's Books are Sure to Please

Historical fiction and mysteries have long been two of my favorite genres, so when I found the brilliant books of Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) I knew I had found gold.

I was first introduced to the Arcane Society Books which mix historical romantic fiction, mystery and paranormal suspense into a delightful read, when I was a little disappointed with the new Nora Roberts offerings a few years ago.

I have been working my way back to three of Amanda Quick's earlier historical novels which feature the strong characters, Lavinia Lake and Tobias March. They are a rather odd couple of private inquiry agents from Regency England. Many of Quick's (Krentz's) books have women characters which live their lives and do things that are ahead of their time. The Lake and March books predate the Arcane Society books, but many of the same great elements are there.

If you enjoy witty historical fiction with a mystery and a little discreet romance and suspense, then you'll enjoy Slightly Shady, Don't Look Back and Late for the Wedding.

These books by Amanda Quick are perfect for a hot summer afternoon escape or for any time you wish to travel back to another time and place. I enjoyed them immensely.

Lake & March Private Inquiries

A Unique Partnership in Regency England

Slightly Shady - Lavinia Lake and Tobias March Private Inquiries

Lavinia Lake was sure that Tobias March was a mad man. But as it turned out, he was a spy who had uncovered a criminal network that was threatening the life of Lavinia and her niece.

Soon he had them packed up and on their way back to England, with many protests from Lavinia. When their paths next crossed they were on the trail of a blackmailer and a murderer. Out of necessity Tobias joins forces with this headstrong and exasperating woman to become partners in the private inquiry business. As they come closer to solving the murders, things begin to sizzle in more than their investigations.

Slightly Shady - Book One

Slightly Shady (Lavinia Lake and Tobias March)
Slightly Shady (Lavinia Lake and Tobias March)
Things begin to heat up between Lavinia and Tobias in the first book of the series. I enjoyed it greatly and wanted to read more about the exploits of this headstrong couple.

Your Coach Awaits Madame


Don't Look Back - Lavinia Lake and Tobias March Private Inquiries 2

The Lake and March agency which provides "discreet private inquiries for individuals of quality" continues. After the stunningly, beautiful young wife of one of Lavinia's old family friends and fellow mesmerist is murdered and the very valuable and unusual antique blue Medusa bracelet disappears, the pair must rush to find both the missing antiquity and Celeste Hudson's murderer.

Together, Tobias and Lavinia search for clues everywhere from the glittering ballrooms of societies' rich, to London's seediest taverns. Along the way they encounter a mesmerist who specializes in "ladies' hysteria" and his treatment is most unconventional. All the while they continue to merrily, but discreetly, disport themselves beneath the sheets.

Don't Look Back - Book 2

Don't Look Back (Lavinia Lake and Tobias March)
Don't Look Back (Lavinia Lake and Tobias March)
Krentz (Quick) is a master of historical authenticity in her novels. You are transported to Regency Era England complete with grand balls, high society and private horse drawn coaches.

May I Have This Dance?


Late for the Wedding - Lavinia Lake and Tobias March Private Inquiries 3

Years ago, the first and legendary Memento-mori man, a killer for hire, dealt his brand of justice only if he felt the victim deserved it. Now one of the signature death's head rings is found on the bedside table of a nobleman, just after he fell (or was pushed) from the top of a country house where Lavinia and Tobias are enjoying a weekend get away.

An old acquaintance of Tobias, Aspasia Gray, implores him to find the new Memento-mori man after she receives one of the rings in a package left on her doorstep. Lavinia despises their new client, but pairs up with Tobias again as they go on a full-fledged manhunt to find the new killer for hire.

Late for the Wedding - Book 3

Late for the Wedding (Lavinia Lake and Tobias March)
Late for the Wedding (Lavinia Lake and Tobias March)
The wit and humor of Amanda Quick and her extensive knowledge of Regency era England combines to make Late for the Wedding (in my opinion) the best of the three.

Regency Era Shawls

No proper lady would go out in foggy London without a shawl or wrap to chase away the chill.
No proper lady would go out in foggy London without a shawl or wrap to chase away the chill. | Source

Perfect Poison - Another Novel by Amanda Quick

The private inquiries of Lavinia Lake and Tobias March precede the Arcane Society books. If you enjoy the Lake and March team, then you'll love the Arcane Society books. Perfect Poison is set in Victorian England and features another unlikely special investigation team.

Amanda Quick is one of the pen names of Jayne Ann Krentz and is used for her historical novels.

Ladies Relaxing at Home

One must always be impecably dressed because one never knows when a caller may arrive at one's door.
One must always be impecably dressed because one never knows when a caller may arrive at one's door. | Source

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Out for a Bit of Fresh Air


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