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Hobbit Party Ideas: Games, Activities, and Food

Updated on March 14, 2019
Adele Jeunette profile image

Adele has been a youth services librarian in public libraries for 20 years.

Hobbit Party Ideas
Hobbit Party Ideas

Party Activities for Adults and Kids

Here is a collection of party ideas based on J. R. R. Tolkien's novel The Hobbit.

This is an all-ages site with suggestions for older kids and adults who have read the books, as well as younger kids who may have watched some of the Lord of the Rings movies and would get a kick out of drawing a goblin.

I've included a few food ideas, too, because hobbits are almost always hungry.

Keep scrolling down for suggestions of games, food, prizes, decorations, and costumes.

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Table of Contents for Hobbit Party Ideas

Game: Name Guessing

Game: Hobbit Drawing (like Pictionary)

Game: Hobbit Riddles

Activity: Draw a Goblin

Game: Hobbit Bingo

Activity: Find Out Your Middle Earth Name

Activity: Hobbit Origami

Food: Spider Pops

Game: Hunt the Ring

Activity: Easy Magic Tricks

How to Make a Hobbit Costume

Name Guessing

This activity can serve as a good icebreaker for your party.

1. Write the names of the main characters from the book on a piece of paper. See list below for suggestions of characters to use. Tape a name to each participants' back without letting them see the name on it. (Alternately, you can write the name on a file folder label, then just peel it off and stick it to the person's back.)

2. Once all the players have names on their backs, they can turn around and show the name to other players and ask "yes" or "no" questions that will help them guess the name they've been given. Sample questions could be "Am I an elf?" and "Do I have a weapon?"

3. Once players have guessed, they can move the sign to the front of their shirt to show that they have guessed correctly. They can continue playing and answering questions for the other players. (Alternately, you can have several of each name tag made and give players another name to guess.)

Main Characters from The Hobbit:

Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit

Gandalf, a wizard

Thorin Oakenshield, the head dwarf

Smaug, a dragon

Elrond, an elf, Lord of Rivendell

Gollum, once a hobbit, who has become corrupted by The Ring

Beorn, a big man who could assume the shape of a bear

Bard, the Bowman, an archer of Laketown

Balin, the dwarf who accompanies Bilbo down the secret passage to Smaug

Drawing Game

It's easy to make your own hobbit-themed drawing game similar to Pictionary. Just follow the steps below.

1. Write the names of people, places, or things from the book onto index cards.

2. Separate the guests into two teams. Provide a pad of paper and a pencil to each team.

3. Each teams rolls a die to determine who goes first.

4. Place the cards face down between two teams. The first person to take a turn picks up one of the cards and reads the word. After five seconds, that person must place the card down on the table and begin to draw the word clearly enough so that the other members of the team can guess what it is.

5. The members of the team have one minute to guess what their teammate is drawing. The person drawing may not write any words, say any words, or do any gestures.

6. If the team guesses, they get a point. If they don't guess in the allotted time, they get no point.

7. Then, a person from the other team chooses a card, and they continue on in like fashion until all the cards are used up.

The team with the most points wins.

Words to Use for Hobbit Drawing Game





Hobbit feet



The Ring






Hobbit Riddles

Below are a variety of Hobbit riddles. Copy them onto a sheet of paper and cut them apart. Then copy the answers onto paper and cut them apart as well.

Give half your group a riddle, and give the other half the answers.

Have each person read his/her riddle out loud and see if the others can figure out which one of them has the answer.

Here are the riddles that are asked in the book.


What has roots as nobody sees,
Is taller than trees Up, up, up it goes,
And yet never grows?

Answer: Mountain


Thirty white horses on a red hill,
First they champ,
Then they stamp,
Then they stand still.

Answer: Teeth on Chestnuts


Voiceless it cries,
Wingless flutters,
Toothless bites,
Mouthless mutters. . .

Answer: Wind


An eye in a blue face
Saw an eye in a green face.
'That eye is like to this eye'
Said the first eye,
'But in low place
Not in high place.'

Answer: Sun shining on daisies


It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter.

Answer: Dark


A box without hinges, key or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

Answer: Egg


Alive without breath,
As cold as death;
Never thirsty, ever drinking,
All in mail never clinking

Answer: Fish


No-legs lay on one-leg, two legs sat near on three legs, four legs got some.

Answer: Fish on a little one-legged table, man at table sitting on a three-legged stool, the cat gets the bones


This thing all things devours:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down.

Answer: Time


What have I got in my pocket?

Answer: A ring

Goblin Illustration--from site Hobbit Party Ideas
Goblin Illustration--from site Hobbit Party Ideas

Draw a Goblin

This is a game that kids really like. Adults might want to join in the fun, too, and show their creativity.

Different artists have come up with different ideas of what a goblin looks like. In this activity, three different people draw their idea of a goblin without seeing the other two. These drawings have hilarious results which the kids usually love.

1. Fold a piece of white copy paper into thirds. (As if you were folding a letter for an envelope.)

2. The first person will turn the paper over to the bottom third and draw the feet and legs.

3. The second person will turn the paper to the middle third and draw the body and the arms.

4. The third person will turn the paper to the top third and draw the head. When the head is drawn, this person gets to unfold the whole creation and name the creature.

Hobbit Bingo

BINGO is a fun and simple game, but making the cards can be time-comsuming.

Fortunately, the following site simplifies the process of making a set of BINGO cards in which each card is different. You just choose the size of card, enter the terms you want to use and click the button "Free Bingo Space" to generate a card. After you print that card, you can click the button again to generate a different card, and so on.

Bingo Generator

This site has character descriptions to use as clues to put in your BINGO games. If you put each clue on a note card, you can read them off and then put the card aside so that you can check answers when someone gets a BINGO.

Character Descriptions from SparkNotes

Some of the descriptions have enough information so that you can draw up several clue cards.

For example, for the character of Gollum, you could have the following clue cards:

Clue Card 1: " A strange, small, slimy creature who lives deep in the caves of Moria beneath the Misty Mountains."

Clue Card 2: This creature "broods over his "precious,"a magic ring, until he accidentally loses it and Bilbo finds it".

Clue Card 3: "We never learn exactly what kind of creature [this character] is. Apparently, his true shape has been too deformed by years of living in darkness to be recognizable."

Here are some characters/types of beings to put on the BINGO cards:

Bilbo Baggins

Thorin Oakenshield





Dark Lord Sauron







An Easy But Gorgeous Do-It-Yourself Cake - Just had to share this cake from the blog Over the Apple Tree.

Looks complicated, but it's really just made from things that are easy to get at the store.Google "apple tree" and "hobbit cake" to find it.
Looks complicated, but it's really just made from things that are easy to get at the store.Google "apple tree" and "hobbit cake" to find it.

Making Your Own Hobbit Costume

You can deck out anyone, from the size of this little guy up to adult with a few good thrift shop finds and the following ideas.
You can deck out anyone, from the size of this little guy up to adult with a few good thrift shop finds and the following ideas.

© 2012 Adele Jeunette

Share your Hobbit Party Ideas here!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I liked your lens. Thanks for the information.

    • TerriCarr profile image


      5 years ago

      So many creative and stimulating ideas. I love the hobbit houses :-))

    • Nithya Venkat profile image

      Nithya Venkat aka Vellur 

      5 years ago from Dubai

      Great fun ideas!

    • artsy-geek profile image


      5 years ago

      I love all the party ideas : )

    • AmberColleen LM profile image

      AmberColleen LM 

      6 years ago

      This is fantastic! My friends and I used to have hobbit day parties on September 22nd, and we'd dress up as our favorite characters and have hobbit food and watch the LotR movies. It's really fun!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      6 years ago

      You have so many fun ideas here.


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