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Updated on June 11, 2016

There’s always something in the way

There’s always something getting through

Seems like there’s finally a light

Fades out like a melted candle

Good things don’t come easy, they say

My sweat touches the ground

Doesn’t the bible say

You shall reap what you sow

Struggle each day, my best

What more is left

Do your best and leave the rest

Impossible to even rest at my best

Finally, a glimpse of something good

This chimera could actually be possible

Boom! It all comes crashing down

As ever.

Expected, you could say

After all, it’s never good in my case

Walking on my path with no face

Oh, how I need your grace

Need to be free from this Gordian knot

Pull me from this conundrum

He whispers calm into my heart

Peace in times of trouble

Tranquility in times of hassle

Hope springs eternal.


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