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How a low income guy can keep a pretty girlfriend

Updated on October 24, 2013

How a low-income guy can keep a pretty girfriend

Keeping a pretty-chick as a girlfriend could be difficult especially for low-income guys. This is as a result of tempting offers and head spinning pickup- lines they hear everyday at work ,school and on the road. However , a guy who is smart enough could still show class and maintain his pretty babe.


Love flowers
Love flowers

How a low income guy can keep a pretty girlfriend

In some communities ,relationships breakup or become suspended during festive seasons. Especially for low- income men. This could be as result of expected festive demands from their girlfriends. Most low-income guys easily lose their babes to well-heeled guys who arrived from different places. Not really the fault of the ladies because wooing pressure is piled upon them on the road , at schools and at work. This means that guys who are not smart enough could be left with only the not-so -pretty -ones. This is how to make your pretty-chick stick with you through thick and thin.

Buy her flowers

Flowers are not expensive and could be appreciated by many ladies. However , make sure you know the significance of the flowers before purchasing .It would look foolish to appear with chrysanthemum to express your love while this flower is for funerals. Very importantly ,make sure the lady in question is not from West -Africa before she flog you with the flower.

Get her jewelery

As a low-income person, probably silver and gold you have not. Nevertheless ,there are other ornaments and jeweleries that are easily affordable. This also looks good on women. Get one for her and if possible remove the price tag.

Buy her cloths

Some-times cheap doesn't mean not classy. There must be a place you discovered a good bargain or where you bend down to pick your own cloths.Get some cloths for her also. Wait a minute ! don't carry the cloths like that running straight to her. Iron and repackage the cloths and make them look nice and expensive . If it was me, i would add a new price tag and breath as if it cost me an arm and a leg. Let her know that form is temporary but class is permanent.

Take her out

Most well-heeled guys would not have time to do this therefore don't allow your financial situation to keep you only indoors. It is not a secret that some rich guys are not romantic enough .Take her to the movies ,the park and other inexpensive places. Let her know that your financial position doesn't make you less smart . Don't forget to buy chocolate and ice-cream and other little things that matter .

Express your love

Always express your love and remind her that she is beautiful and attractive. She need to be reminded always even if she knows. This would make the pickup-lines she hear on the road seem like a boring familiar song.

When you have followed some of this tips, it would make an average pretty- chick to stick with you irrespective of the tempting offers that comes her way daily.


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how a low income guy can keep a pretty girlfriend

How to keep a pretty girlfriend

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