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how i love her

Updated on June 9, 2011
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one of my fav pieces!

You often take my breathe away

Which is more then I can ever say

For any other dime or stray

That has ever come my way

With you, it’s been different

Way different

From any other

I remember when I was that shy guy

Who caught your eye

Who would be afraid to try

Any thing

You liked that. But I think you like it more

That I’ve grown into a man that you adore

More mature

Yea, you like it… but it is what we have that you love

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you

You remained forever a dream come true

You always tell me you’re the lucky one

But I can’t lie and say I am not as well

Cause out of all the girls in the world

You chose me

Sometimes I don’t think you see your truth worth

You’re are god’s gift to this earth

And as much as I was searching

You found me when I wasn’t

And that’s how I know

You and me

I mean you and I

Are his gift

So for another

I could never wish

I love you babe

More then life it self

Cause your my gift

Still sitting with a bow on top

Just smile

Your not dreaming…


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