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How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!

Updated on August 30, 2017
These are antique books from my collection.
These are antique books from my collection. | Source

A review for writers

As like many of you awesome people from Hubpages, I am a writer and an artist. I have been working on a Zombie joke book to publish online. I have been writing jokes (well over 200), drawing art and looking for places to publish my little book.

As many of us know the book industry has had a mighty blow with the down turn of our economy as well as the art industry. What are creative people like us to do to make a living when people are not reading, not buying art and are not enjoying themselves like they used too? That is why I am reviewing the book How I sold a Million Books in 5 Months!

All of the art and photos featured here are my own.



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How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!

How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months is a book by John Locke, not to be confused with the character on Lost. As writers many of you should know things are not like they used to be. We are more likely to get hit by lightning then to get a book deal from a top publishing company, even writers like Stephan King are going the way of the Ebook, so how are we the self publisher going to compete?

You'll find in this book that part of it is how people look down on writers who self publish and how publishing is one of the only industries that does this. No one tells a businessman he can't take his own money and open a store or an insurance company like the writer of this book did.

We have one advantage over the big companies we can price our books to sell. On kindle we can sell them for as low as .99 and if we have more than one book, and they like one of your books they are a lot more likely to buy from you again. John Locke published 5 books at once and had published many more since.

This book won't tell you how to write a good book, but it will give you tips on how he sold over a 1,000,000 books in a short time.

How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months
How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months

Just a few tips from this book

Have an editor

Publish more than one book at a time

If you publish on kindle price your book to sell


Paper vs Ebooks

Paperback vs ebooks, I like paperbacks for art books and things that I want to take notes on. However if you are just reading a good novel, they are usually cheaper in ebook form and better for the environment. You can also sometimes get the auto books attached. I like to read and listen to the book at the same time, it fully emerges me in the book I'm reading and helps stop my mind from wondering, which my mind loves to do.

There was once a time when self publishing your work was frowned upon by the literary world. It was once only for books in local markets only. Maybe you had a book on local history or a local cooking show cook book, however companies like smash words and have made it easy to put such books online with very little overhead.

One thing you always have to remember is you need to hire an editor for your book, your friends and family love and that will effect the way they see your work, you need honest true opinions. I remember meeting a writer at an event. She was brilliant at selling her work and said that even though her book was over 1000 pages that her old English teacher had edited her book for free. Well it was clear that she had only edited the first three chapters. There was almost no conflict in her story, much of the book should have been cut down and some words were spelled simply the way they sounded not the way they are actually spelled.

Writers groups are also a good way to find out what people truly think.


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    • profile image

      sheezie77 6 years ago

      great lens!

    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 6 years ago

      Great information...I'm a published artist and some of my illustrative items for clients are on Amazon.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 6 years ago

      Sounds impressive -- even at 99 cents a pop. Happy new year!

    • thesuccess2 profile image

      thesuccess2 6 years ago

      Gave you the vital 20th Like!

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 6 years ago from Alabama USA

      Hi great lens,I love to read so right now I mostly buy the .99 cents books.I also look for all the free books on amazon some are very good.Thanks for all the info.

    • profile image

      MintySea 6 years ago

      I am now an artist but ebooks are great fvor small publishers

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Currently I have four ebooks out on Amazon. It's only recently that I began steadily selling one of them. Same book is also available on Smashwords. In the last six months, I've probably sold a couple hundred copies of that one book. So far, the whole thing has been mostly a learning experience. In my experience, the short booklets, priced cheaply, sell much better than the bigger more expensive books. And subject matter is paramount. Non-fiction, surprisingly, seems to move much better than anything else.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      These are astounding statistics for any publisher or author! I have to admit that selling books are a struggle and with around a 100 books sold in less than a year, I am pleased with what I have! :)

    • profile image

      Ericastanciu 6 years ago

      I recently self published a book since most agents never even responded to me. It's a tough thing to do but every book sold makes me do a happy dance. Hopefully if you, or anyone else gets the chance, they can check out my Squidoo page. I have my book, Electrify Me, on there for 0.99 cents and my guide on how to self publish and promote. Thank you guys and Happy New Years

    • Showpup LM profile image

      Showpup LM 6 years ago

      Amazing sales record! I have a book I plan to have published via Kindle in the near future. After working on it for over 10 yrs, I hope it sells SOMETHING. Five at once? Not at my rate. haha

    • norma-holt profile image

      norma-holt 6 years ago

      Great lens and one we should look closely into the subject matter of as many have got a lot of e-books in them. All they need to do is get them out there, Hugs

    • kimark421 profile image

      kimark421 6 years ago

      "They" have been predicting for years that ebooks would be the big thing in the near future. Well, the wave putted along for more than a decade, but I think the time is now here (finally). With proper marketing, word of mouth, and a little luck, anyone can become a best selling author.

      Great lens!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Talk about dreams coming true!