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how reading books can take you everywhere

Updated on June 4, 2009

the joy and adventure of reading...

how to achieve it....when you read a fiction book, put yourself in the main character of the book and picture yourself in every places that the book describes. take in every scenery and ambience.

I started reading novels when I was 9 years old and from then on I couldn't stop. Reading is the most beneficial past time for me.

I can still remember the very first book I've read, it was from Sweet Dreams books entitled "Dance of Love". The moment I started it I couldn't put it down and at that time I didn't have any idea how reading can be so addictive.

Then, from a teenage novels I switched to thriller and crime novels and then I got hooked again. This time by Sidney Sheldon's books. I have a complete collection of all his books and I love every one of them. Each book I've read more than once.

After I've finished all of the Great Sidney Sheldon's book, I've found a book by Iris Johansen entitled "Ugly Duckling", it was so mind boggling and from then on I started collecting her books as well...and then it goes from one author to another and so on and so forth...

To me, there's nothing more rewarding leisure than reading.

I have some other authors whose novels I find very interesting.  Hope you'll like their books as well as much as I did.

Christian Jacq - more of historical fiction about Egypt and Pharoahs

Lian Hearn - wrote the "Tales of the Otori" trilogy

Sandra Brown - for romance and spy novels

and of course Dan Brown.


reading will take you everywhere...


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  • marriedwoman profile image

    marriedwoman 8 years ago

    Thanks for visiting annvans and I really hope that one day you'll have time to read.

  • profile image

    annvans 8 years ago

    Great hub, I wish I could find the time to read a book. I used to have the time to read a book, but I have only read one book in my life. Sounds strange doesn't it? It is true though. The one book that I did read, I really liked it too.

  • marriedwoman profile image

    marriedwoman 8 years ago

    Hi Queen of Lint. thanks for becoming a fan. Yes, I've already started that hub about my favorite books and author. I'll publish it soon..

  • Queen of the Lint profile image

    Queen of the Lint 8 years ago from The Laundry Room

    I love reading too! Are you going to do a hub of your favorite books? I need to have another list when I go to the library!

  • gusripper profile image

    gusripper 8 years ago

    I think last 3-4 years books returned with a lot of masterpieces.I prefer books that mixed with reallity.

  • marriedwoman profile image

    marriedwoman 8 years ago

    Hope you can share your favourite authors to me as well so I can try reading their books. thanks.

  • marriedwoman profile image

    marriedwoman 8 years ago

    thanks a lot guys...hope a lot of people will find reading rewarding.

  • cashmere profile image

    cashmere 8 years ago from India

    I have always prefered a good book to TV and you explain why so well in this hub.

  • Lucey Knight profile image

    Lucey Knight 8 years ago from North Richland Hills, Texas

    I love to can take you away without having to leave the comfort of you home.....Good hub.

  • marriedwoman profile image

    marriedwoman 8 years ago

    when you get bored and tired, try reading a good book and it will ease off your stress...