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how strong my love is

Updated on June 9, 2011

the love of my life

i d take the worst you have to offer over someones best

any day

any way i can

see you is at my happiest point

because to see you

is to be you

when our souls meet

no we can never re do our first kiss

or relive that first time we made love.

but we ll always keep our love ...ours..

i could fall in love with you 100 times

and it still not get enough

thats how much love i have to give

to the woman that wakes me from my dreams

whom i protect day in night

who shall one day bare my kids

thats how strong it is

more then these poems can show

more keys then all of these rows

louder then the clicks i am making

longer then the time i am taking

and then some

just when you thought it couldnt be any more

it is...

i wouldnt fight it if i could

i d just give...


this is much more then just

this is love

and i have much more to give you

then just this

so sit tight

and let me show you

how deep my love is.


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