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Dry Sense of Humor Jokes

Updated on March 26, 2014

Steven Wright

Dry Sense of Humor

having a dry sense of humor doesn't mean that you aren't funny. What it means is that your sense of wit is a slow clever one. It means that you might not show much expression in your jokes, which is what makes most of them funny half of the time.

A good reference comedian for this would be Steven Wright. It is not necessarily the jokes he tells that makes it dry humor, it is his stage presence and the way he delivers his jokes. His jokes fall in the way of a lot of clever one liners.

Another comedian to reference would be Bill Cosby. He's almost another example of someone with a very good sense of dry and clever humor. He never fails to have truth to what he says in his jokes, but his dryness is not as much as Steven Wright. He usually starts his jokes off with a low level emotion, then he gets into a higher level emotion the deeper into the story he gets.

There are other variations of a dry sense of humor. You don't exactly have to be a stick on a log to have this sense of humor. You can have some expression or emotion to your jokes.

Now that we talked about what a dry sense of humor looks like, let's talk about tips to develop a dry sense of humor.

keep a straight face.

This is probably the most important thing. You need to practice your jokes everyday and improve your act while trying to keep the same expression. Try this in the mirror or record yourself. Tell your jokes in the mirror or camera and pay attention to your eyes, mouth, and eyebrows. Those are the key points on your face that show expression. If you are going to show some kind of expression, you should try to limit it to either a depressed or mad emotion. Eventually, you'll be able to keep this straight face and still be very funny.

introduce opposite sense of humor sporadically.

This is a great tool. See, your audience has watched your routine up to this point and they are used to seeing how your jokes are being told. Therefore, don't be afraid to switch it up every now and then and show a different side of you!

You can do this by telling a story and appearing to be really melancholic in a certain part of the story and then all of a sudden, burst out with a happy emotion. Any sudden exclamation of any expression will work really. The reason is because in a dry sense of humor, you are supposed to have a very calm or contained emotion and persona, so a bipolar moment here and there, or a burst of excitement is different.

be clever!!

This is important if you are going to have a dry sense of humor. You don't want to come off as a boring, unfunny, and unintelligent person. Make sure you do your home work and really work some intelligence or wit into your routine. You want people to laugh because of how much you really made them think about the joke you just said. The kind of joke that they think about minutes later and laugh all over again. So really think about the kind of stories and/or jokes you want to say. You want people to have that "duh" moment.

There are definitely more tips and advice out there. I hope I'm just able to bring some small help in your big journey to finding or improving your comedy. Have fun laughing.


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    • profile image

      tylanburris 5 years ago

      they will like you the way you are right back

    • profile image

      tylanburris 5 years ago

      you don't have anything to be afriad of she will like you the way you are i will i am a girl

    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 7 years ago from Michigan

      I do so enjoy dry humor, I was raised on it. My Dad taught it to me well.

    • tjhooper profile image

      TJ Hooper 7 years ago from dublin Ga

      thank you guys for the feed back

    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      Some good tips - the straight face is the key here .

    • suny51 profile image

      suny51 7 years ago

      Hi tjhooper

      you have interesting and informative knowledge to share on this subject.Thank you.Useful