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Lesson Seven: How To Get Rid Of A Girl After Sex

Updated on May 5, 2010

What if you pick up a girl, have your way with her, then lose interest? I know this sounds crazy, but it happens.

Suppose you're just not compatible sexually.

Suppose she turns you off.

Suppose she wants to marry you.

What you should do depends on whether you're at your place or at her place.

What If You're At Her Place?

If you're at her place, you don't have to get rid of her. You have to get rid of you. You can get rid of you by thinking of a really great excuse to leave, then leaving and never coming back. You can tell her...

1. "I think I'll go out for chocolate-covered donuts."

2. "I think I'll go out for a swim."

3. "I think I left my car lights on. I'll just go outside and turn them off."

4. "Someone, somewhere has left their car lights on. I'm going to find them and turn them off."

5. "I feel so great I could run around the block. Here, let me show you."

What If You're At Your Place

If you're at your place, the problem is a tad more difficult. You've got to convince her to leave and never come back. You can do this by...

1. Saying, "Oh my God, it's my wife, and she's got a gun."

2. Asking, "Hey, have you seen my rattlesnake, she's not in her cage?"

3. Putting A-1 Steaksauce on her thighs and asking if she wants to play, "Stranded Without Food".

4. Warning, "Don't move, I've just broken a test tube filled with bubonic plague."

5. Saying, "I hate your breasts."

And Thus Concludes Lesson Seven

The seventh of ten parts, we continue this adventure in the gentleman's pursuit of a suitable date in the next lesson.

Now that we've learned how to get rid of a girl AFTER sex, next we learn: How To Get Rid Of A Girl DURING Sex.

Here are the previous six lessons in case you missed them:

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