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How to Self Publish an Ebook

Updated on November 29, 2016

Convert and self publish your book

It is a high speed digital age we live in, and it is important to stay current with the many possibilities technology has to offer. This page will show you how to take your raw manuscript book file (PDF, Indesign, Word etc...) and turn it Into an ebook that can be read on the iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, and Barns and Noble Nook!

Converting your book to an ebook and making it available on the various online bookstores may seem like a daunting feat... But if you know what to do and where to turn for help, self publishing can be easy and enjoyable.

This page will discuss three important aspects of self publishing:

1. Converting your book to epub and .mobi ebook files

2. Distributing your book to the various online bookstores

3. Marketing your new ebook

Edit Epub Files With These Great Tools - Create and Edit Epub Files

Convert your book to epub and .mobi ebook files

The two major file types used by most ebook readers

There are two major file types that are used by most ereader devices - epub and .mobi

epub is to ebooks what mp3 is to music - it is the standard ebook format and is used by most ereaders - including the ipad and sony reader.

.mobi is the preferred file type for the Amazon kindle -- although amazon also accepts epubs

Getting your book into these formats can be a little tricky. I do not suggest trying to convert your file to epub and .mobi on your own. It is possible, but if you want your ebook to look professional and to work with no glitches -- you really should use a professional conversion service

Why Self Publish? - This picture says it all!

This image serves as a good example of why so many people are choosing to avoid the traditional publishing channels and self publish their ebooks.

7 Secrets To Make Your Ebook A Bestseller
7 Secrets To Make Your Ebook A Bestseller

Free EBook Marketing PDF Guide

Download this free guide "7 Secrets To Make Your Ebook A Bestseller"!

Seven Secrets To Make Your eBook A Bestseller


At Convert A Book we work with hundreds of self-published indie authors as well as best selling authors like James Rollins and Steve Harvey. Some authors rise quickly to the top of the charts and sell hundreds to thousands of e-books and others struggle to sell just a few copies of their eBook. Working with so many authors has given us a lot of insight into the digital publishing process. There is no magic button that turns your book into a best seller, but after working with hundreds of authors for several years we have found some very clear commonalities between authors that sell a lot of books. There are important things that every top-selling author seems to be particularly good at. We want to share these simple truths about e-book publishing success. The fact is, many of the traditional promotion techniques like bookstore signings just don’t work anymore—unless you happen to be particular famous like Bill Clinton or Martha Stewart.


The importance of quality cannot be over emphasized. Too many people think about writing a book as some sort of get rich scheme. Good authors know that attempting to publish a book with an attitude like that is a recipe for disaster. Writing quality content is a lot of work! And readers know good writing when they see it because ideas are interesting and important, and the organization is logical and effective. Good authors spend a lot of time revising and editing their content to make sure it is clear and effectively communicates the message. If your book is well written, professionally edited, and well designed, it will stand out and your readers will recognize the quality of your

work. Last fall, a formatting error made J.K. Rowling’s eBook, The Casual Vacancy, unreadable on the Kindle. Off to market they went, lacking quality and design standards that readers rightfully expect. This turned out to be a very embarrassing and costly mistake! Readers appreciate eBook titles that function correctly and intuitively. Broken links, poor formatting, and bad design all harm the user experience. Satisfied customers will recommend your eBook to their friends, while unhappy readers will more likely tell hundreds about the faulty product!

Books are Changing!

Books are not going away but they are changing. Reading patterns are shifting more and more to the digital realm. Books that are not available for sale on the iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader and Nook are not selling as many copies.

EBook Distribution - Make your book available on the online book stores


How To Self Publish An Ebook - Video Tips And Advice

Here are a few great videos that show some common issues that arise when you are converting your book into an ebook. These videos will also show you some of the options available. Choosing the right format for your book is the first step to creating your digital files.

Editing Ebooks With Sigil

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      goldenrulecomics 4 years ago

      nicely done!

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      Tolovaj Publishing House 4 years ago from Ljubljana

      I am getting ready to enter the beautiful world of digital publishing, just have to check some details about taxes... I believe the future of publishing lies here, but being specialist in books for children just don't really know what my audience really expect from the book. i suppose juist conversion will not be enough. I should add something extra, right?

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      kavalonthatsme 5 years ago

      Great Lens!