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how to write an internship report

Updated on September 7, 2011

An internship report is a document which explains the duties or tasks that an intern undertook in an organization during an internship period.

It consists of the following:

1)introduction- an introduction explains the value and objectives of internship. It also states the period in which it took place.

2)Background information of the organization- It shows when and how it started. It also shows in detail the roles of the organization. its mission, vision, objectives and clientele.

3)State the department you were attached- Explain all the roles of the department, for example if it provides products or services explain them in detail. Clearly state all your daily responsibilities and duties, this includes both major and minor duties.

4)Methodology- This consist of the methods used to collect useful knowledge and information during internship. It could be observation, interview (asking questions where you do not understand) or reading documents.

5)Knowledge and Skills acquired- Most of the time you will find that at university you learn the theory part of the course studied but at intership you learn the practical part and acquire more skills and experience. You have to explain those skills and experience gained during internship.

6)Recommendation- First you state everything that you feel should be improved in the program and how they should improve it. Secondly state where the organization you were attached should improve and how it should improve.

7)Conclusions and appendices


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    • profile image

      dj 4 years ago

      thankz a lot 4 da hlp

    • profile image

      dj 4 years ago

      thankz a lot 4 da hlp

    • profile image

      emma 4 years ago

      thnks alot

    • profile image 4 years ago

      i read what you wrote and i must say that it is very interesting and contains detailed informations about the writing of an internship report.wha i need to knowis how to write a project at the HND level.thank you for helping me

    • profile image

      Shaila Naznin Akhie 4 years ago

      tnx for guidance

    • profile image

      hamna butt 4 years ago

      aslamo alikm....m really thank full for u ,for providing detail information limited tim i get frequent and through information from ur site...again thnks..

    • profile image

      panhwar ayaz 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Vinia N Manya , WHK Namibia 4 years ago

      Its very wonderful, information is very clear and well explained. This will help me to compile a successful report at the end of my internship.

    • profile image

      KMTipu 4 years ago

      very nice post.


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    • profile image

      Narendra 3 years ago

      Thanks for U'r Guidance..

    • profile image

      AMOS 3 years ago

      Thanks for your advice but it would be better if you explained in terms of chapters i.e showing which chapter should contain what

    • profile image

      winnie 3 years ago

      its kul

    • profile image

      Eric spike paks 3 years ago

      thanks for your guidance,

    • profile image

      sarah 2 years ago

      tnk u!

    • profile image

      kato ramadhan 2 years ago

      that is good and a rich referal source, bravo

    • profile image

      habiba falak 2 years ago

      thankx 4 help.... now a days i am seriously need help in writing internship report...i am student of LL.B and i completed 4 years and 1 year is remaining , i completed my two months internship in JUDICIAL ACADEMY PESHAWAR, and now it is required by the academy to submitt internship report..pls help me

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