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How to Write Really Good Poetry

Updated on February 8, 2016

The writing part

Writing poetry is one of the hardest types of writing if you aren't in touch with your emotions.
It is the most beautiful kind of writing in the world.
There are so many different kinds of poetry out there.
Many write about things that have a really deep emotional connection to them.
Others just write about things that make them smile.
When writing poetry you always need to look deep inside yourself instead of just writing whatever comes to mind.
A good poet always takes a lot of time to write a masterpeace instead of just pushing out as many poems as possible.
Many people out there think they know how to write poetry and others think they have a much better understanding of poetry to others.
Personally i think understanding poetry is the same as understanding the person.
When you read what the poet has written you often read what kind of person the poet is.
Some of them are just attention seekers...
Others are just emotional people with a really good story to tell.
People like Poe write the kind of stuff that many try to copy even in the modern age.
The thing you must always remeber is you really need to come up with your own style and write what's important to you.
Talking about how dark your soul is will never get you anywhere.
It's got nothing to do with making it all rhym either.
Just see what you feel and write about it.
If you're good at it then keep going.
If you're not then keep practicing.
Always write in your own lanuage as well...
When you write in English but you're not very good at it...
People will probably call you a bad poet no matter gow good you are in the tongue you speak.

The Emotional Part

This is the hardest part of poetry...

You need to be in touch with your heart and soul.

If you aren't then you will be a really crappy poet.

Most good poets have been through something that really hurt them on the inside.

Maybe someone close to them died or they had a very hard upbringing.

Many good poets talk about something that happened to them when they were very young or maybe when they were in their teens.

There are those of them out there that just make it up as they go along.

But they are the ones that usually don't really get anywhere as they are just awful...

They don't have any emotion behind what they write so it's more of a work of fiction than anything super personal.

Look at the life of Poe...

He had a very hard life!

So many people that were close to him died.

His entire life was just one depressing moment after the other.

He married and what not.

But he died at a very young age.

As did some other really good poets.

Some really good poets don't go through anything.

They just happen to be really good writers.

They are usually really rare though


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