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Sample of Constitution for starting your own NGO

Updated on August 6, 2017

I have been struggling to write Constitution for my NGO for a couple of months, then i finally made it. There fore from the experience i have got, i would like to share with you, as it might be helpful to you. The following is complete sample and authorized in my government, i believe that it will help you to create yours.


  • There should be content list. This is require to help the reader to read your constitution easily.

Start with Introduction

  • Example

Shall be nongovernmental organization which is not concerned with politics, religion, and non -profitable and voluntary organization.

The organization work with charity, respect, dignity and fraternity to help orphans and vulnerable children to fulfill or success to their dreams for the benefit of East Usambara (Amani) area and Tanzania at large.

The institution was established according to the National law as well as this constitution. The idea was introduced (innovated) and developed by Peter Michael, and initiated by Justine Mnzava, Gasper Pembe, Florian Kagombe and Julius Mishael who have acquired Bachelor degree of Education.

The East Usambara area have the problem of student drop out from school, lack of fundamental needs of children suffering from ill fortune, housing, essential nourishing, and basic education as result grinding poverty of their families and many of them are orphans and vulnerable children, hence for this had to choose this area as a starting point of developing this idea and Tanzania at large.

The Institution is in initial stage of its duty with objective (aim) of providing fundamental services to these orphans and vulnerable children. EURO has been helpful in providing services for orphans and vulnerable children’s through providing fundamental needs like school uniforms, exercise books, meal, text books,etc.

Reason for EURO

  • Due to the fact that majority of students from poor family drop out from school as result of lacking fundamental needs.
  • Due to the fact many students lack essential learning materials like uniforms, pencil, pens, text books etc
  • It want to reduce or if possible to eradicate the problem of students pregnancy and early marriage
  • Due to the fact that majority of population living in rural area living under extreme poverty hence there is necessity of handling them.
  • Due to the fact that most students are affected by malnutrition which makes them drops out from school.

Chapter one

Article 1.0. Meaning of key words.

In accordance with this constitution, words which have been used have real or concrete meaning as translated and not otherwise.

- General meeting –is a highly instrument (organ) for making decision in the

Organization (EURO).

- Directorial board- is highest Executive Board of EURO in administration,

Monitoring management and controlling all activities.

- Secretariat – it is the daily Executive board /active organ of all EURO


- The Beneficiaries/profitable - Tanzanian society and EURO stakeholders.

- Resources / financial – this means all fund and assets received and invested by EURO for the purpose of fulfilling its objectives

- Developmental project – means all projects initiated by EURO.

- Founder /Initiators of the organization – means the executive founders/leaders of the organization.

- Founder members – means the founder members of the organization.

Chapter two

Article 2.0. Name and address.

2.1.The name of an Organization shall be EAST USAMBARA RELIEF ORGANIZATION.

2. 2. The acronym of organization is EURO.

2.3. Address shall be


P.O. BOX.434,



2.4.The head quarter of an organization ( EURO) shall be AMANI – MUHEZA.

2.5.Area of the project shall be Amani – Muheza, then after extend all over country

Article 3.0. Official Language

EURO shall conduct its activities through Kiswahili and English language and rarely other vernacular language so as to facilitate services to reach all targeted or intended group.

Chapter three

Article 4.0. Mission, Vission and objectives.

Section 4.1. Vission:

The vision of this organization are, all children are entitled to the basic right of access to food, security, education, vocational training, health care, shelter, and participation in community development

Section 4.2 Mission:

Our mission is to provide opportunities to the people to enjoy their lives through effective care and education regarding provision of basic needs, payment of school fees and other essential needs like food and security and to ensure that all orphans and vulnerable children in the community to be able to complete.

Section 5.0. Objectives:

5.0.1 To improve the lives of vulnerable children and orphan in schools by providing the assistance in social services such as education food and shelter

5.0.2 To improve the living standard of children by sponsoring them, through EURO supplies them with the school fees transportation, basic school uniform, shoes, and stationeries for an education that will then enable them to make a change for their future

5.0.3 To cooperate with other international organization with similar vision of facilitating development to this vulnerable children and orphan who living in extremely poverty.

5.0.4 To establish rehabilitation hostels for orphan and vulnerable children who study in this schools

5.0.5 To create awareness among east Usambara community on importance of education for economic development and poverty alleviation.

5.0.6 To teach vulnerable children and orphan about entrepreneurship on how they can help them self to attain basic needs and payment of school fees.

5.0.7 To strengthening the capacity of families and community to provide children living under hardship condition because every child regardless of race creed statue or religion deserve the promise of future

Chapter four

Membership, responsibilities, rights and ceasing of membership.

Article 7.0. Membership.

Membership of EURO shall be to those who have desire and request for the membership from the organization

7.1. Should not be under 18 years.

7.2. Should be with complete mental fit and good loving heart and a person who is ready to cooperate with others.

7.3. Tanzanian by Nationality.

7.4. Without prejudice Article 7.3 membership of EURO shall be divided into:-

a) Individual Membership, this shall include an individual member to join the organization.

b) Groups Membership, this shall all others Groups, or Institution or NGO’s having interest to cooperate with EURO within and outside Tanzania.

c) Honorary Membership, this category shall be given to any person who by his/her effort shall geared toward EURO objective achievements.

7.5. In accordance with Article 7.4 any person or group who wants to be member of EURO shall apply in accordance with constitution role Article 7.0.

7.6. The application of membership shall be done by writing to the Executive Director then discussed by Board of Directors within 14 days, if accepted or rejected applicant of membership shall be notified or informed by writing and there after the acceptance shall be supposed to pay an entrance fee for membership,

7.7. Without prejudice Article 7.4. the participant (staffs) have an option of being a member or not a member of EURO.

Article 8.0. responsibilities of members.

Any member shall have the following responsibilities;-

8.1. To participate, contribute, vote and give suggestion to the meeting.

8.2. To pay application membership fee, membership registration fee, contributions, dues, debts and other payments which are to be paid at the right time.

8.3. In accordance with this constitution, the membership fee shall be paid depending on the value of money at that time and all fees of membership shall be arranged by the Board of Directors, depending on time being.

8.4. To provide or deliver useful information to the EURO for the benefit of Tanzanian community.

8.5. To show love/ kind to fellow members without discrimination regarding their Tribe, Religion, Status, Academics, Political, Ideology or Nationality.

8.6. To participate in all EURO activities in accordance with roles and regulation instructed or provided.

8.7. To vote in electing the Board of Directors as it has been explained in Article 8.1 Except the founder and all initiators of the organization who shall be the permanent Directors of EURO.

8.8. To pay Annual fees, each fee must be paid to the treasure during the beginning date not exceeding 7th date of July. Any among members who shall fail or delay to pay up to the mentioned date will pay the same amount with a penalty of 20% of the Annual fees payment.

Article 9.0. Rights of members.

In accordance with this constitution, EURO members shall have the following rights:-

9.1. To attend the General Meeting of the organization as EURO constitution demanded Him /Her to participate.

9.2. To ask and receive any information concerning all functions implemented by EURO.

9.3. In accordance with Article 9.0 members shall not be allowed to receive any information without permission and shall not be allowed to give out organization information without permission from the Administration.

9.4. He/ She has right to vote or voted in any post depending to the qualification he/she has Except the Chairperson who shall be the founder of the organization in accordance with Article 8.7.

9.5. To give personal suggestion concerning the progressive/ development of EURO and Tanzanian community.

9.6. To defend himself / herself in case any problem depending to the rules and regulation of the EURO constitution.

9.7. Member has right to access and use EURO resources at a time he/she will be working on EURO concerning issues.


In accordance of EURO constitution, the ceasing of EURO membership will as follows;

10.1. Death.

10.2. To resign.

10.3. To undergo mental unfit in accordance with Article 7.2.

10.4. Failing to attend meetings or activities of EURO which are responsible to him/ her for three periods without notification.

10.5. To participate in any activity that is against EURO constitution as well as the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania.

10.6. To be ceased by the General Meeting of EURO due to misconduct accordance with Article 10.4 and 10.5 after he/she has given an apology.

10.7. Fail to return money or any assets belong to EURO which had been passed on him/her in accordance with his/her position in EURO without any reason and cause the organization to get loss.

10.8. in accordance with Article 10.7 the Board of Director shall have no power of ceasing membership of any member who shall go against EURO constitution until decision reached by the of members in the General Meeting except for the international members and honorary members whose membership may be ceased by the Board of Directors.

10.9. A terminated member can ask to be a member again after one year of termination date.

Chapter five:

Article 11.0 Organizational structure/hierarchy.

The organization and administration hierarchy of EURO shall have the following structure.

  1. General Assembly/ Meeting.
  2. Directorial board/ Board of directors.
  3. Secretariat

Article 11.1. General meeting:

  1. This shall be final or highest decision making body of EURO.
  2. Shall be attended by all boards’ members and all initiators or founders members of EURO.
  3. Each year shall summoned one general meeting for assessing achievements of an organization, but it will be summoned when it is needed to be.
  4. All General Assembly notice shall be notified/ announced 30days (one month) before an agenda of the meeting shall be sent before General Assembly.
  5. The second notice shall be submitted two weeks before a date of the General Assembly if the first notice was not responded
  6. The General meeting shall be conducted at any time and any quorum if the first and second notice was not responded.

11.2. responsibilities of general assembly/ meeting:

11.3. 1. To receiving, discussing and approve EURO policies.

2.To employ and approval of leaders who are in the following position,

  1. The General Secretary
  2. Field workers
  3. Treasures/accountants.
  4. Board of director but not Chairperson who is the founder of organization

3. To choose or elect advisory board. 4. To discus and approve projects programs, planning, budget and implementing schedules of EURO. 5 . To discus and give advice/suggestion on different reports delivered by general secretary on behalf of Directorial Board. 6. To terminate leaders of EURO except the founder and the initiators of the organization.

Article 12.0. Annual general meeting

There shall be Annual General meeting which shall be conducted at the end of each working year according to EURO constitution Article 16.2 of this constitution which shall have the following responsibilities;

1. To discus and approve the last year expenditure.

2. To suggest and approve the income and expenditure budget of the coming year.

3. To discus implementation plans.

Article 13.0 Directorial board:

This shall be directorial board which is appointed by the General meeting. The Board of director shall include the top officials of organization who are the founders of organization and permanent member of board of director.

Directorial board shall have not less than five (5) members and not more than ten (10). The board meeting will be hold by chairman.

  1. The General Assembly shall suggest the name of members of the Board of Director except the founder of the organization.
  2. The board members will meet after two (2) month or at any time when necessary.
  3. The Board of Director meeting shall be presided by chairperson who is the chief speaker of EURO.

    Article 13.2. Responsibilities of directorial board.

    13.2.1. To give advice to the secretariat and administer the implementation of all activities of EURO. 13.2.2. To approve the employment of Executive leaders of EURO secretariat.

    13.2.3. The directorial board shall have power of claiming indebted.

    13.2.4. To discuss and sign contracts and agreement on behalf of EURO.

    13.2.5. To punish workers who had bad behavior and EURO constitution which portray bad image within the community except for the honorary members?

    13.2.6. To prepare rules and regulation which govern EURO activities?

    13.2.7. To receive and discus the monthly report, quarter reports and annual reports from the General Secretary and financial director (treasurer).

    13.2.8. To create the committee/department that shall speed up delivery of services to the targeted population. 13.2.9. To defend and protect EURO constitution and its policies

    Article 14.0. Secretariats.

    14.1 All administration activities implementation shall be performed by secretarial board under guidance/ supervision of Executive director, General Secretary, heads of department and other officials.

    14.2.In accordance with to Article 13.2(2) all Executive staff shall be employed by Directorial Board.

    14.3. Responsibilities of secretariat.

    1. Acting /implement on day to day activities of EURO.
    2. To advise and provide appropriate procedures/ measures employed for the success of EURO goals (activities) for the betterment of Tanzania community.
    3. To deal with emergence cases/problems and challenges hinder EURO in everyday activities and give suggestion to the Board of Director.
    4. To collect and provide/ divide resources to the targeted group.
    5. To defend and protect EURO’s constitution and its policies

    Section 14.3.1. Secretariat departments:

    There shall be the following departments to EURO programs, namely;

    1. Department of finance and economy.
    2. Department of education and counseling.
    3. Department of research.


Part 14.4.2 education and counseling department

1. To control and monitor all activities concerning education, training on EURO’s organization. 2. To educate the community on importance of cooperating/participating on developmental project. 3. To prepare department plans and budget. 4. To provide guidance and counseling on targeted group. 5. To defend and protect EURO’s constitution and its policies.

Part 14.4.3. Research department.

  1. To conduct research on how poverty leads students drop out from school.
  2. To conduct research on fundamental needs vulnerable children and orphans.
  3. To prepare departmental planning and budget.
  4. To prepare research proposal, research report and recommend present to the directorial board (management body)
  5. To defend and protect EURO’s constitution and its policies.

Article 15.0. Responsibilities and duties of euro’s officers.

  1. Chairperson.
  2. Board of director.
  3. General secretary
  4. Executive director.
  5. Financial director/ Treasurer.
  6. Heads of Department.
  7. Staffs


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