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HSP Friendly Books - Romance

Updated on April 16, 2013

Sharing the love this summer

To read fiction for an empath or HSP (highly sensitive person) is a risky business. Some images and situations can overload our antenna and send us running to the hills. I have been reading a lot lately. And I thought it would be great to have a list of fiction books that are nice readings, or come with the disclaimers.

Many HSP read young adult (YA) fiction as a form to stay on the safe side. Some are good, but the subjects are not necessarily the ones an adult empath would be interested in.

In this lens, I am going to focus in HSP and empath friendly romance. I think it is a great way to spend the summer. This is a selection of some of the books I read and liked. I might add more as time goes by.

Disclaimer: I read most of my books in kindle, so some of the titles here might not have physical versions. Also I like to search new writers, most of the titles will be from indie authors. All the books reviewed were at a time or another in the top 100 Best Sellers of Amazon (some on the paid list and some on the free list).

Contemporary Romance

I like romance with real people, or at least interesting. I chose for this lens stories out of the Cinderella theme. Cinderella is good story, but not as interesting as to repeat it again and again.. and again and again...

I also like stories where people grow, and where the characters are reasonably intelligent.

For this section I chose five very different stories. I hope you like them.

Double Trouble - Kindle and Paperback

Double Trouble (The Coxwells Book 2)
Double Trouble (The Coxwells Book 2)

Maralys is starting her day (at night) when the phone rings. It is her nephew, their swimming lesson ended long ago and nobody went to pick them up.

Maralys is supposed to be the black ship of the family; but when someone needs help, she is the one to answer the call. This is no different. This trip to pick up the kids turns up to be a bit more complicated, her twin sister left her husband.

From here the story goes ahead with many predictable elements and even more surprises. The characters are very interesting and unique, and they are able to grow during the process.


Blood: No

Foul Language: Mild

Sex: Mild

Nasty Characters: Not really


Divorced, Desperate and Delicious - Kindle and Paperback

Divorced, Desperate and Delicious (Divorced and Desperate Book 1)
Divorced, Desperate and Delicious (Divorced and Desperate Book 1)

Lacy hears her dog barking and goes to pick him up. She is doing a photo shooting with her pets for a Christmas work, and the dog has reindeer ears in February.

She finds more than her dog, she finds a man injured and armed. The man is a police officer who is being framed, his name is Chase. Of course, she is not sure if he is telling the truth or not, and he is not sure if she has a lose screw or not. So he gently kidnaps her in her own house.

From this point the romance and the investigation to clean his name develops. There are many very funny characters, Lacy´s mother and her friends are memorable.

This book does have an action side, some blood and not nice events taking place. I had no issues with them, but if you are overload you might want to pass this one.


Blood: Yes, some

Foul language: Mild

Sex: Mild

Nasty characters: Yes



All for a good cause - For Kindle

All For A Good Cause
All For A Good Cause

Janet was still picking up the pieces of herself after her last relationship, when her baby sister tricked her into being part of a very special charity event: a medieval fundraising event. She used to love those events when she was younger, but then life showed up and she lost interest.

When they arrive to the event, she is kissed by Devin; a man too handsome and rich for his own good, who chose to flirt with her so he could take off his tail some other ladies.

From that point, the romance develops, with comings and goings during that weekend and after it.

It has something of Cinderella, and the main couple could be models.. but still is a nice read.


blood spilled: No

foul language: No

sex: Mild

nasty characters: No


Escape to New Zealand by Rosalind James - Awesome series

I downloaded Just Good Friends on a free day, and got hooked by the whole idea. The books are placed in New Zealand, they are HSP friendly romance. The main characters are ladies from US and different members of the famous All Blacks, the rugby team of New Zealand.

Each book is different, the characters are awesome, the locations amazing, and there are no unnecessary misunderstandings. On the background the author let us know different pieces of the "Kiwi" culture, what is very fun.

There is explicit sex in this series, so be warned.

Historical Romance

This is a very large group, it includes anything before the industrial revolution. I haven´t read much of these yet, but there are a couple interesting enough to share.

Most books of this type cross the erotic line to explicit sex. I chose some that stay reasonably polite, even when there are some steamy scenes.

Asenath - Kindle and Paperback


Asenath is located in Ancient Egypt. It tells the biblical tale of Joseph and the coat of many colors, from his wife perspective. it is her story, as the author sees/imagines it.

It starts with a girl of about ten years of age and her kidnap by a warrior group, she is freed and go to live to Heliopolis. There she is adopted by a powerful couple and enters the high society of Egypt by the back door. Not being born that way, she keeps a lot of her fresh perspective of life and respect for the ones in lower ranks.

The story develops and she falls in love with Joseph. From there his fortune/misfortune/fortune again is followed by her reaction to it.

There is a bit of religious propaganda, but not too much. And there are some ugly scenes but not too explicit (a rape, deaths, and people being hit). If you are going through a non grounded period, then skip this one.


Blood: Some.

Sex: No.

Foul language: Just the b* word two times.

Nasty characters: Yes, but not evil.


Book Trailer

Border Lord´s bride - The Broderhood of the Scottish Templars

Border Lord's Bride (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars Book 4)
Border Lord's Bride (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars Book 4)

This novel is located in Scotland right after the Templars fall in disgrace in France.

The Lord of the land is coming back. He left to join the Templars some years before, running away and with a broken heart. At that point his father and his older brother - and hair of the land - were still alive. When he comes back the responsibility had fallen onto him, and with it all the assumed compromises... including to marry the woman that broke his heart.

He is ready to assume his place t protect his sister, all five of them, but to marry is more than he can take.

The story goes about the reunion of both main characters and the recovery of their dreams and their memories. All in the frame of a latent war with the British, and an uncle with a green eye.

It does have one scene not too nice. I didn´t have trouble with it, but be aware.


Blood: some, and a fire

Foul language: No

Sex: Mild

Nasty characters: Yes


Sweet Release - Kindle and Paperback

Sweet Release
Sweet Release

This book takes place in the South of USA in the 1800s.

Cassie owns a tabacco ranch. She runs it since her father, well.. I will not tell you.

She saw a convict being very mistreated and bout it to save his life. She runs her ranch with respect for her slaves, in fact they are only called slaves because it is safe for them. She is a kind soul, in a very difficult situation.

This man she bought came with the worst recommendations, yet she saved him. Great was her surprised when she saw him healed, clean and well fed. He looked like a perfect British gentleman. To make things more interesting, it seemed that he actually was a high class British who had been setup.

The rest of the story develops the romance, and the search of the truth about his past. Plus other elements, like her suitor who ends up being not a nice man.


Blood: some.

Foul Language: No

Sex: Some

Nasty characters: Yes


Did you read these novels? - Do you know of other HSP friendly contemporary romance?

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    • empathzone profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @RinchenChodron: LOL thanks for finding the typo!!!! You are awesome!!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The saying is "black sheep" not black ship! These books do look interesting and wholesome.


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