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Katniss and Tris which would you like to have by your side?

Updated on May 25, 2015

Who do you think would be the best girl to save you from danger?

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The world was introduced to two very strong female movie characters named Katniss (Kat) Everdeen found in the movie The Hunger Games and Beatrice (Tris) Prior from the movie Divergent. These two ladies had to grow up fast in a world that was not exactly perfect.

If you wanted to escape from a society that was bleak and controlling which of these young ladies would you go to for help? Let us see how these characters stack up and then you can decide.

How the girls grew up

Katniss and her family live in District 12. There are 12 districts and the Capitol. At the Capitol all the wealthy preside and their tradition and entertainment is watching The Hunger Games. A game where one child is chosen from each district to fight until there is only one winner. The rest are killed. Growing up knowing your number could be called every year must be nerve-wracking.

Katniss is from the poorest district it is a coal mining town and the least populated. She has had a hard life. Her dad died in a mining accident and her mom didn’t recover from the tragedy. Katniss had to be both the father and mother for the family. Katniss has her mom, but she has been in deep depression and Katniss has taken over the role. Katniss has a little sister named Primrose and that is her weak spot. She would do anything for her.

Katniss made sure they had enough to eat by hunting and stealing if she had to do it. She had to get into survival mode to make sure she and her family would make it through.


Beatrice Prior is from Chicago after the Apocalypse. The city is divided into 5 factions. In these factions are groups that are supposed to behave a certain way. Beatrice or Tris , as she asked to be called, is from the Abnegation group. This group is supposed to be selfless and Tris doesn’t have that instinct. She has a mom and dad and a brother, but they all seem to keep their feelings in check. Everyone seems to have a little secret and the family is not as close knit as they could be.

Their appearance

Katniss in the book The Hunger Games has long black hair, olive skin and is thin. She is not very tall, but is strong from all the hunting she has to do.

Beatrice in the book Divergent Tris describes herself as having pale blond hair, grey-blue eyes, and short and skinny stature.

These girls may be petite, but they have enough character and determination, to be a great threat to anyone who stands in their way.

Their skills

Katniss is good at hunting, archery, and trapping. She also can sing really well, and is a good tree climber. All of her skills set her apart from her opponents at the Hunger Games and gave her the advantage she needed to stay one step ahead of everyone. She is also logical and that helped her figure out what to do during those stressful times in competition.

Tris doesn’t fit into just one category. In the book Divergent there are different factors and everyone is supposed to stay in their group. The groups are Abnegation for selflessness, Amity for peaceful, Candor for honest, Dauntless for brave, Erudite for intellectual. There is also a group called the factionless, They don’t fit into any of the categories and are forced to live in the streets. Tris had traits of all these characteristics and that made her a Divergent (a dangerous group because being that combination makes them powerful and a threat to the government)


Kat is blunt and to the point. She has a goal and no one can stop her at times. She is selfless and will endure any danger to protect the ones she loves. She doesn’t trust anyone because of all the hardships she has had to endure. She doesn’t like anyone being nice to her because she is afraid of getting hurt. When Peta her partner confesses he loves her in a pre-game interview. She doesn’t see herself getting married and having kids because she doesn’t know what the future holds. Katniss doesn’t want her kids to go through the yearly game of possibly loosing their lives. Kat has a way of turning off her emotions and realizes she has to kill or she will be killed. She doesn’t seem to be effected by the thought she has to kill all her competition except for Peta , the guy she feels love for, even though she doesn’t realize it at times.

Tris is a girl with self-doubts. She doesn’t think she is pretty, she doesn’t know where she belongs. She has love for her parents and brother, but doesn’t feel like she belongs in Abnegation where the group always things of others before themselves. Tris doesn’t know how brave she can be, and the Dauntless group she joins, shows her how much she loves the thrill and excitement of danger. Going with the group to be tested she is the first to jump off the building. She got a thrill out of zip lining not knowing where the line was going to end up. Tris found out she is a great knife thrower. She was the first in the group to hit the target. After shooting a gun, and not doing so well, she ends up loving the feel of it when she shoots it. She isn’t afraid of heights. She climbed up the Ferris wheel during the paint gun game. She has a strong desire to win wanting to be the first to get to the flag for her team. She didn’t start off with much of a sense of humor, but as time went on Tris learned to lighten up and laugh. She also learned to open and up and got her first friend in Christina. Tris also learned how to love, by discovering her feelings for her instructor, and fellow Divergent, Four.

Who would be best to have on your side if the world was coming to an end? Both of these girls would be tough in battle. They have different skills and know how to use them. Kat is good with the bow and arrow, while Tris is great at knife throwing and hand to hand combat. She also got pretty good at gun shooting. Katniss is edgier than Tris. She has the ability to shut off her emotions and be a killing machine in order to survive. Tris, on the other hand, has more feelings and doesn’t have the tough character of Kat.

If you just wanted to have a steady partner that could keep you alive with no friendship in the mix Kat is your girl. She mistrusts everyone, and you would have a hard time getting to know her, but with her you would definitely feel safe. She can sense danger and is usually one step ahead in the fighting department. She has the hunter spirit in her and knows how to get her prey. The only one who cracked her tough exterior was Peta and she did all she said she would never do, get married, have kids, because of her feelings for him.

In Tris you find more of a teenage girl, but she is stronger than she seems. She has self-doubts, but once she conquers her fears she is a force to be reckoned with. She to gets what she sets her mind to and she doesn’t give up till she makes it happen. She practiced with the gun till she got to be a great shot and she honed her fighting skills in order to make it through the ranks. Her weakness is Four and what she feels for him makes her vulnerable. If she doesn’t’ allow herself to think too much about how she is feeling she can be a force to be reckoned with.

Kat and Tris both have shown toughness they never knew they had until the chips were down and they had to rely on themselves. They are great role models for teenagers, and adults, showing that with faith in yourself anything is possible.


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