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Hubba Hubba- Welcome to HubPages

Updated on May 20, 2010


My First Attempt (Ever Get That Feeling That You Belong?)

As the internet surfer launches his paw on the mouse-shaped piece of mover that go wherever it is asked to move, something somewhere hit the spot. The concept of freelance writing and being able to express oneself without looking for legitimate channels as the publishers is one welcoming sure bet of a welcomer’s welcomer.
The surfer turned into a young hubpager comes as he opens and shuts the windows and halls of hubtivities that convince and invite the groping hands of wonder and curiousity; of silence and series of numbness that cry and clamor for the hub, the hubbers, the hubbing,and the hubbed.
The hubpager then is transformed into a follower or an avid reader of a handful of pretty old hubbers who have joined the site a few months ago where he may make comments or join a fans club, or participate in other hub stuff.
From a follower, he sets a vehicle on the side for some business sites that may or may not help him financially. This aspect might take a awhile but for as long as he surfs, and hubpages, and reads and makes comments, creates hubs and joins clubs, he’s set and wobbly determined to do it and continue, or to try and to see and maybe to make HubPages venues for any untouched, unmentioned, uproaring hubbub of Life and living.
The fact that you can reach someone by use of words through this medium is indeed a milestone. The concept that that someone is so distant in miles and culture and beliefs, and yet he is reading you whether he agrees or not, is an achievement in itself. The idea that you are free to express yourself by way of the mingling of words and phrases to come up with comprehensible sentences the way you want it to be understood makes the hubber secure and safe. The thought of you the hubber, the co-hubbers, the readers, and a little bit of the outside and inside hubpagers are conglomerated into one vast aura of sharing and helping, coordinating and responding, and other activities that as of now, the Hubpages babies are still on the edge as what to ask and how to begin and what to start and or are the things hovering in the novice’s minds.
I am welcoming myself to the “Hub” as well as those who are allowing themselves to be welcomed. Believe you, me- I have no concrete answers to the questions of a newcomer but I know that those who are now comfortable with the site will wholeheartedly give their support to us from the way I look at it. I look forward to fruitful hubpagings ahead. Thanks, Hubpages !


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    • SimPly RaRe profile imageAUTHOR

      SimPly RaRe 

      7 years ago from California USA

      Hello Denise, Am awfully sorry not to get back to you right away. Anyways, April is still 3 weeks away...well I have not been very active doing hubba hubba LOL :) but that would be nice if both of us will accept the challenge...when I did the 30 in 30, I felt like it was way too much, because my life schedule then was heavy...

      Now because you're in tune with hubpaging more than me, then please welcome me back and guise me through it...SimplyRare

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 

      7 years ago from North Carolina

      Ms TM-how did you do on the hubchallenge? I'm thinking of going a second round in April if you care to join me then. I would start April 1st, of course. Seriously, No FOOLIN! LOL

    • SimPly RaRe profile imageAUTHOR

      SimPly RaRe 

      9 years ago from California USA

      I am beginning to love it, Really! In fact, suzie cat7- I am thinking of joining the 30/30 challenge....I guess it would be a lot of hubbing (and loving), a lot of writing (and hubbing), a lot of reading (and hubbing), a lot of thinking (and Hubbing), and alot of sharing (and hubbing)....

      Thanks for the welcome---appreciate it especialy coming from you-

      SimPly RaRe

    • suziecat7 profile image


      9 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Hey there - I hope you love Hubpages as much as I do. Welcome!


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