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An Uphill-Downhill Life and Living

Updated on May 20, 2010

"Life is like a box of chocolcates; you just don't know what you're getting..."

Living a life or living in an existence is such a boring but broad concept especially when one considers it as a topic of interest which may amuse or abuse the walking, breathing, thinking creatures of this world. Ahhh, What a life This
is an everyday expression of not only the man coming down from the boonies, but as one observes and hears this disgruntled expression on any phases of faces up in the cold-marbled towers and down in the concrete frigid basement where doors look like their windows, anyone no matter how old, from near and far, lonely or not- will heave this sigh of expression.
Life can be harsh sometimes, or even most of the times, but one need not combat it as like grand slamming it all at one time. One needs to assume that Life has always been this nasty and mean and all one has to do for the meantime is take it as it comes. Most people will give you an advice as how you can manage your time and stress and some listen, others don’t.
Well, as the old folks would say, “Don’t just exist, live ” Live to the fullest or make the most out of it no matter how little or how much you have. Make everyday seem to be your last day. Just like before hanging the phone up, say “I love you, Mom.”
Life is beautiful- it is perhaps relative and would have a basis. But anything that depicts wondrous splendor and rays of multi-colored haven of joy and gladness makes one so alive and free-spirited. Life is a twenty-four-slash-seven of struggle of sweet and sour blended with the tinge of bland colors of gray and white splashed with purple reds of green and yellow and candid orange.
Yes, Life has its coming and going- rolling downhill or crawling uphill and at times, pausing from the sidelights, hitting some pebbles of agonizing pain and suffering only to be pacified and nourished by the Wind of Counsel, and the Breeze of sMiling loved Ones who shoulder-pats and offers their helping hands.
Live your Life to its height. When you fall, get up and rise for you know, and I know, that there will always be hope to wherever it ends. Sweet success, unassuming failure, fading rainbow colors, lasting friendships, never-ending Life Chores that are reasons to live the Life we were set to do.

The Ins and Outs of Life

In life: a hope in every green; a green in every hope...
In life: a hope in every green; a green in every hope...


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    • SimPly RaRe profile image

      SimPly RaRe 8 years ago from California USA

      Thanks Linda for being my first one to give a very meaty comment. You are numero uno---I agree that we already know that Life and living at this point in time, is too much to bear at times--but you are right- we need to stay focus, expect the unexpected, and "pray for a miracle"--I love that, Linda--I hope to see you sign up for hubpages soon !!!!

    • profile image

      Linda 8 years ago

      Yes all the life wonders we can do, but to what extent are we willing to sacrafice to gain that wonderful feeling that wonderful perception? When some events in our life are creating other events in our life that causes us to change, even when we don't want too, we are forced too. Raise the question, how can one live to the fullest if the fullest has small leaks and runs into situations that prevent it from happening? How do we get rid of negativity, when everyday, it is in the news, radio, people, conversations and even in the splendor of nature, we encounter something neg....Our emotions that reflect desires, jeoulousy, anger, frustration, confusion, and most of all when our emaotions question everything

      I truly beleive to live in bliss and peace, to find fulfillment and beauty, we most rid ourselves of every emotion that connects us to it. But that is impossible, because we live in a world of many many many factors that contribute to our everyday life. My perception and wisdom says, "if I spend too much time mulling around or staying angry, or frustrated, that I will miss the opportune door opening for me"....stay focus, accept failure,overcome sadness, and pray for a Linda