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Hulk Wall Decals

Updated on June 11, 2014

Create a superhero themed room with these cool Hulk wall applications

With the release of the Avengers movie and the upcoming 2015 release of the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, the incredible Hulk is more popular than ever. The comedic value of the Hulk was one of the things that made the Avengers movie such a smash hit, and the kids just love this big green fella and all his anger, rage and brute primal strength.

If you are looking to make a themed room for your child, a Hulk themed room might be a great choice for you, and with some of these simple Hulk Wall Decals the process is quite easy.

Once upon a time, in a parenting age long, long ago, if you wanted to make your child a specially decorated room it might take a lot of skill or effort. I know that I have little artistic ability, and if I needed to draw the Hulk on the wall for my kid: it would be a pretty miserable failure.

Stencils and patterns to spray paint on were a little bit better option. It could at least be achieved. But that took a lot more effort, and still did not look as good as these peel-and-stick Hulk wall decals look today.

So if you are looking for some sort of special; themed room for your child I hope these options give you na good idea of a place to start. I certainly wish I were a young boy with room decor like this.

Best Hulk Wall Decal
Best Hulk Wall Decal

Giant Hulk Wall Decal

This huge Incredible Hulk wall decal is used from an image from the Avengers movie, so it should be instantly recognizable to your children. Unlike some of the other options, which are a bit more "cartoonish" since they are based on the drawings of the Hulk from the comic book series, not from the realistic looking CGI from the best selling movie of all times.

These "peel-and-stick" decals go on quite easily, as the name goes you simply peel and stick. The thing that I really like about these stickers, though,is how easily they come off. I know when I was a kid, we put things on the walls with tape or some sort of tacky adhesive. As a kid, all I cared about was that what I wanted was on the wall. But I am sure my parents were not happy when after a year or so, I took things down and the tape or adhesive ripped the paint, left marks and often tacky residue behind.

I know, as a modern day parent, that I am happy, that I at least do not have to deal with that one small issue when it comes to decorating my child's room.

This peel and stick decal is a large lifelike size, measuring in at: 40.5" wide x 67.25" high

Big Green Wall Decal
Big Green Wall Decal

Comic Book Hulk Wall Decal in action pose

I like this action pose of Hulk a lot. It really reminds me of the Hulk I remember when I read the comic books as a boy. The poster looks great and it is a wonderful fit right over a bed, like the picture shows.

In case you have never heard of the Hulk, watched the Avengers, or otherwise do not know very much about this giant green guy, except that it is something your child wants as a room decoration, let me give you the quick, short 5 cents version of who this guy is.

In the comic books, TV show (1980s), and movies. The Hulk starts out as Bruce Banner. Bruce was working on a secret government experiments into creating an immensely strong super-soldier. The experiment was with gamma radiation. During the experiment things went wrong and Bruce was transformed.

Bruce had inside him a beast, the Hulk is not "bad" but he is the uncontrolled rage that boils inside Bruce. Sort of all "Id" with no ego or superego. When angered Bruce transforms into this Hulking monster. The hulk has incredible strength, being the single strongest superhero out around. He can also heal at an incredibly fast rate, run really fast and all other sorts of cool stuff.

His power is one of the reasons children are drawn to this character.

Plus he breaks -well, everything.

Get some Hulk Peel and Stick Wall Decals from ALLPOSTERS

ALLPOSTERS is a great place to find peel and stick wall decals, as well as posters, framed artwork and more. I have hunted down some of the best stuff from Allposters in this block. If you like any of these images, just click on the picture and it will take you to the Allposter page where you can find out more.

Hulk Wall Decals on Amazon

A few more options you may enjoy for decorating your child's room

Hulk Wall Art Work

If you child is a little bit older, they may appreciate some of the artistic value of the older comics. Heck, I would even like some of the framed Hulk art in my room now, if it wasn't something that would make my wife crazy. Here are a few more options for some great looking artwork based on the Hulk run of comic books.

A look at some of the funny moments involving Hulk from the Avengers movie - (Contains Spoilers -DO NOT watch if you HAVE NOT seen the movie!)

The Avengers Movie

Have you seen the Avengers movie yet. It is only the top grossing movie of all time for a very good reason: it is great. This is a fantastic combination of all the superheros that Marvel have introduced into there "movie" universe so far.

A fantastic movie that should be a part of everyone's collection.

Marvel's The Avengers (Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy + Digital Music Download)
Marvel's The Avengers (Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy + Digital Music Download)

One of the best movies of all times. Full of action, suspense and a surprising amount of humor. A must have for any movie collection.


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