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Hymns of Love-what Is Love

Updated on July 14, 2015
Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou


Cinquain poem


Like rose

Flowers tender and cute

Fresher , finer , sweeter ,nice



Life music

Whole soul blowing

Luring swaying like melody



Home cure

Care share nice

Loving sharing caring states



Letter game

Vivid trumpet status

Some hate, some like



ballade poem

Love is a feeling with emotions,

Of attention and affection,

Very home of a heart without destruction,

Each wants to be loved, in every generation,

Love has no limitation,

Or can it participate in discrimination,

Very less of recrimination,

Ever no occurrence of corruption,

Like days move and go, true love grows brighter,

Often of clay trait, true love grows tender and finer,

Very magnetic between two, true love grows stronger,

Evening sunset view, true love grows perfect and true,



Fresco paint of beauty staining my heart,

Loony and loopy am mooching forever at ,

Overall attractive smile luring and beauty,

Really, mind and soul blowing to all at sight,

Evening sun beauty does not stand to her fit,

Nor moonlight florescent glow cant reach it,

Chubby, tender, smooth skin always cute,

Ever round face, body well curved layout,

Not even palm oil sweetness will match it ,

Just as honey you , sweeter and sweet,

Unlike others, behavior as light,

Many are jealous of her unique traits,

Beautiful, wise, sweet ,nice and cute,

I love adore her fine beauty.


Couplet poem

Face glitters in loom and daylight,

Like flowers always bloom with unique scent,

Overblown beauty as moonscape at night,

Rainbow appearance is your description fit,

Ever glowing at miles , in gloom and doom moments,

Never seen such angel, unique and perfect,

Curved and round waist, medium height, well shaped, “heaven sent!”

Everyone registers and recommend her beauty!

free verse

Florescent beauty you are!

Luminous brightness you are!

Over the seas and mountains I have searched,

Remembering what you are!

Everywhere you were!

Now am looking and still I haven’t found

Can’t forget

Even your scent.

Still I Rise

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Fear No More!

This one of the best poem i love from William Shakespeare work.

Have you read this poem?

get inspired and motivated with this poem, i really enjoy reading the poem collection. When am feeling am down this my inspiration out of such situations


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