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i am writing again

Updated on July 1, 2016

I _m writing again for a girl

that is like white pearl
I don't know but every time when I look
at her side, she look by side, i don't know what type
of girl that she is?
I know she find look me at her side
but I never took a step behind, openly and wide
i look at her side
this time i will n't do that again
in which there is n't any gain
I _m missing myself
that's why wanna love again
the feeling I _m missing again

I don't know whether it's by luck
but every time she struck
in front of me, either standing
or walking
I know she is beautiful
but heard she is awfulI don't care
whether I _m bad or she is good
or either I _m good, she is bad
but I write the feeling that I had
she is long and beautiful
lips are just wonderful
cheeks just waiting always for a kiss
she is a perfect miss
she walks in style
her slimness make me to look over and over
again, she react quite pleasantly
her naughtiness I can watch in her eyes
from her eyes
it seems she is money minded
but innocence on her face
tell that she is in loving race
it's n't matter foe me
that to whom she talks
but I like the character
she is just different character
and I love dynamic and fastness
because it is brightness
I don't know
I will try to tell her
that I like her

but ya sure I will write for her
because these feelings
is what matters to me
either she is what?
but ya, she is darling
she is just amazing


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