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i should have known

Updated on May 7, 2012

the last chapter


i should have known

you would do this to me

i should have known better

than to trust you

never again, trust me

you've made this easier

for me to move on

repulsive marks resemble lies

i am full of anger

no longer will i cry

honestly though

i blame myself

for lowering my standards

endangering my health

i am sorry but i have to teach you

not to toy with what was yours

you've destroyed my soul

you win, you score

i do admit

you are good at it

playing the victim

making them fall in love

when all along all you wanted to give them

something they always dreamed of

little did you know

my friend, my foe

that the one you loved the most

you sabotaged everything

by doing something so stupid and low


i am shaking with anger

this hate created in my heart

never before

have i felt so apart

after wednesday i will be so relieved

never again

will you be able

to cause me such grief

i wish you to leave my life


i will not turn back this time


sadly to say

you have to learn

i do not wish you pain

maybe this time, it will not be me

but you that yearns

this was the last straw

never again

my mistake

i knew this love was flawed

i wish you the best

i do not live with regret

i deserve to be fullfilled, happy

in one word: pure

void our decree

you will move on fast

you always do

one girl to the next

unfortunately you are lost

you have not a clue

i wish to go in peace

no fighting


just leave me be

so i can move on

i am picking up the pieces

move on



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    • Lynn Kelly profile image

      Lynn Kelly 5 years ago from Florida

      thanks :)

    • bythewhat profile image

      bythewhat 5 years ago from USA

      pretty, I love poetry

    • profile image

      Emer420 5 years ago

      Very well written. I really enjoyed this. Voted up. :)