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80's Novel Songs from "I'd Know You Anywhere"

Updated on August 29, 2012

Novel Music Inspired by Laura Lippman

Laura Lippman is one of the best writers in the USA. No kidding! Her newest novel, I'd Know You Anywhere, helps to prove the point.

Ms. Lippman weaves a powerful story of parenthood, murder, kidnapping, teen angst, grief, victim's rights and prisoner's rights into one tightly bound book. I know, it sounds like a lot of stuff--it is--but the storytelling is so very well done. You are captivated from the promising beginning to the satisfying end.

To tie the novel together, the author put the book into sections and titled each one with a song. Here is a list of those songs from the 1980's--a traumatic time for the heroine of this mesmerizing novel.

Here are those songs, remembered: Careless Whisper, In My House, Who's Zoomin' Who?, Holiday, Crazy For You, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Voices Carry, Everyday.

The songs can be found beginning here (click now) so you can listen while you read.

(image from Microsoft Clipart)

I'd Know You Anywhere cover
I'd Know You Anywhere cover

A story about remembering a difficult time:

In 2009, the main character in I'd Know You Anywhere, Eliza, gets a letter in the mail from her imprisoned kidnapper. He has been in jail, sentenced to death, since the mid-1980's. How did he find her? Eliza had changed her name from Elizabeth and has married. Why is he contacting her now? Could it be because he is being transferred to the "Death House" soon?

Did remembering the songs she heard on the radio when she was a kidnap victim help her get over her trauma?

In an

interview, Ms. Lippman talks about why and how she used these songs:

In this novel, the main character was kidnapped at the age of 15 and held hostage for six weeks. The bulk of the time was spent in her captor's pick-up truck and although he insisted on listening to country music, she was allowed to pick the radio station at fifteen-minute intervals. What would she have had heard? I went to and began watching videos from the era. I researched the Billboard charts. I was often surprised by the lyrics, the messages I had missed when I first heard those songs back in 1985. I used them as headings in the book, providing their chart history, but no other information. I'm not even sure I should be giving this explanation now, but so it goes.

Image here is from Amazon; if you want to buy the Kindle edition click: I'd Know You Anywhere: A Novel

For your iPad, you can click this button:

As much as anything, this novel celebrates the quotidian, the most ordinary moments in a family's life, including what I call the “scarlet promise” of the neon sign at Rita's custard stands: ICE*CUSTARD*HAPPINESS. Is happiness ever that simple? I'd like to think that it can be. (Laura Lippman in a interview The Melody is Familiar"

I'd Know You Anywhere - By Laura Lippman

Below are the links to all available products for Ms. Lippman's 2010 novel.

Says Laura Lippman:

what would happen if popular songs catapulted a person back to ... difficult memories.

Songs from "I'd Know You Anywhere"

These songs meant a lot to the central character in I'd Know You Anywhere. They probably meant a lot to Laura Lippman, too.

Give them a listen and buy the Mp3 download from Amazon, if you like.

Careless Whisper - By Wham

Remember George Michael back in Wham?

In My House - Mary Jane Girls

I had no idea who sang this song. Did you know who Mary Jane Girls were?

Who's Zooming Who? - Aretha Franklin

Holiday - Madonna

Crazy For You - from the movie "Vision Quest" in 1985

Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears

Voices Carry - Til Tuesday

I loved this song--and the video!

Every Day - James Taylor

The only song from this list that did not make the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985!

Hearing songs on the radio can sometimes trigger my mind to wandering back to the past. Does this ever happen to you? Are the memories most often good ones or bad?

The music videos for the songs Laura Lippman chose to represent this novel located down this page. Keep scrolling and listen and remember.

Do songs remind you of events in your life? - Music and memories

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