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Idea Generator for Love, Dating and Relationship Writers - 86 Topic Suggestions

Updated on February 15, 2017
Need ideas for your online dating or relationship blog or website?
Need ideas for your online dating or relationship blog or website?

Need Some Topic Ideas?

This morning, I was stumped for a topic. I wanted to take a crack at an article using an angle that I hadn't written before, so off I went in search of an idea generator online. I found a few blogs and sites that talked about idea generators but they generally pointed me to the same two sites. One issued only one word everytime you clicked a button. The other posed questions meant to stimulate feelings or memories. I'm sure both are probably good but they weren't helping me.

Later on, I came upon another site that contained photos for you to look at and feel inspired by but again, it just wasn't working for what I was trying to do. In fact, I still have not clearly formed my plan of attack on the article, although I did manage to come up with a few potential slants on my own.

Anyway, don't ask me why but as I was lamenting the lack of technology to make the whole thing simpler for me, random titles just started popping into my head, starting with number one on the list - The Things We Do for Love. Rather than fight it, I just let the ideas, one after the other, roll from my head to the keyboard until, as you can see, I ended up with eight-six.

As I am not likely to ever use any of these topics, figured that I'd place them here, on the off chance that they're useful to somebody. So go ahead, help yourself if you like. If nothing else, perhaps one of these will send your imagination off to bring you back a killer title and topic of your own.

Love, dating and/or relationship writers may find inspiration in this list of 86 ideas
Love, dating and/or relationship writers may find inspiration in this list of 86 ideas | Source

Idea Generator for Love, Dating, Relationship Writers

Here is the list of 86 ideas, free for the taking. Help yourself.

1. The Things We Do for Love

2. First Date Fundamentals

3. Best Daytime Dates

4. How to Include Your Kids in Your New Relationship

5. How to Move from Dating to an Exclusive Relationship

6. How to Straighten Out a Love Triangle

7. Top Ten Best Places to Propose

8. How to Let Someone Down Gently

9. Should You Stay or Should You Go?

10. You Love Him but....

11. How to Know That He/She is THE ONE

12. How to End a Bad Date Fast

13. When Your Online Date Looks Nothing Like Their Picture

14. Worst Breakup Techniques

15. Five (Ten) Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Get a Second Date

16. Proper Phone Number Etiquette (man gives woman his and gives her the option to call?)

17. Safe Dating Forums for the Scared and Lonely

18. Why Specialized Dating Sites Are Important (or highlight each in its own article, there are tons)

19. You Love Him but Your Teen Hates Him

20. You Love Him, He Hates Your Kids

21. Five Warning Signs That Spell Trouble for Your Relationship

22. How to Ask for a Second Date

23. Rule of Thumb for Calling After a First or Second Date

24. How to Blend Two Families Into One (Happy) One

25. How to Tell She’s Ready for Your Proposal

26. His Ex is a Psycho Nightmare: Is it worth staying?

27. How to Get Rid of Cling-ons

28. When Does Sexy Cross the Line to Slutty

29. Sexy vs Slutty (Clothing, Dates, Behaviour)

30. What Kind of Vibes Are You Sending Your Dates?

31. Online Dating Success Stories

32. Online Dating Horror Stories

33. How to Get Friends and Family to Butt Out of Your Relationship

34. How to Improve Your First Impression Image for a Date

35. How to Work Up Your Courage to Ask Her Out

36. Best Ever Adventure Dates

37. Most Romantic/Fun/Intense Dating Locations/Ideas/Suggestions

38. Dating Safety Tips

39. How to Argue Without Crossing the Line

40. Tips to Improve Your Kissing Technique

41. Holding Hands – What You Should Know (speak of sweaty hands, etc.?)

42. Introduce Her to Your Inner Don Juan

43. You Thought He Wanted a Relationship but He Was Just After Sex

44. How to Mend a Broken Heart

45. Your First Vacation Together as a Couple

46. Dealing with In-Laws Who Hate You

47. He/She Left You AGAIN

48. How Breakups Affect Your Kids

49. Seduction Techniques for Shy People

50. Best/Worst Aspects of Speed Dating

51. The Pros and Cons of Dating Someone from Church/Work

52. How to Be a Hit With His/Her Parents

53. Bonding with Your New In-Laws

54. How to Recover After a Girlfriend/Boyfriend Dies

55. How to Have Sex with Kids in the House and Not Get Caught

56. What is the Three Date Rule, Anyway?

57. How to Handle Abuse in a Dating Relationship

58. How to Make Her Notice Your Strengths and Ignore Your Weaknesses (bald, beer belly, etc.)

59. Make Your Body Talk – How to Properly Use Body Language to Get What You Want

60. How to Read Your Date’s Body Language – Do the Words Match the Message the Body is Sending?

61. How to Handle Jealousy

62. Is Your Date Just Distraught or Truly Psycho

63. The Most Important Weapon in a Woman’s Love Arsenal

64. How to Tell If You’re Ready to Start Dating Again

65. Cheap Dating Ideas that Don’t Make You Look Like a Tightwad

66. Planned Spontaneity – Make Her Think You Just Had a Flash of Brilliance

67. Ten Things You Can Do to Surprise Her Today/This Week

68. What to Do When You Aren’t the Only One Eyeing Her from Across the Room

69. How to Handle Rejection when Asking for a Date

70. When a Friend Lowers His/Her Dating Standards – How to Help

71. How to Get the Women to Come to You

72. Top Ten Relationship Issues to Watch For

73. Want a Second Date? How to Find Out What You Need to Know to Make the Decision

74. Pining for a Lost Relationship – Bad for So Many Reasons

75. Understanding and Avoiding the Rebound Relationship

76. How to End a Blind Date Before the Date is Over

77. How to Stop Friends from Setting You Up

78. Too Much too Soon?

79. She’s Leaving Stuff at My Place and I Don’t Like It!

80. Managing Meddlers

81. Pros and Cons of Professional Dating Services

82. Products to Help You Prepare for that First Date

83. Be Manly Without Being Macho

84. He’s Suggesting Things I Don’t Like and I’m Worried

85. When Good Dates Turn Bad

86. Dating Q & A: You can get a lot of topic mileage by discussing one issue per day about any three of the topics – love, dating, relationships. They are all related and interwine

That Was My Shot at an Idea Generator, Accidental Though It Was

Well, there you have it. Hope there was something helpful for you here in this list. Like I mentioned earlier, even if none of the titles or topics are perfect for you, they may help a light bulb of inspiration go off as you write your articles or blog posts.

Best of luck and happy writing!

© 2011 Herald Daily


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    • Sun-Girl profile image


      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Useful and well shared idea for love and dating relationships which i so much enjoyed reading from and which well shared.


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