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Identity, happiness by choice

Updated on May 28, 2014

This book is the story of a corporate girl and her conflicts between who she is and who she wants to be. It is a semi-serious novel attempting to express the lopsidedness of the corporate world. Anyone who has been part of a conglomerate would know how work driven the whole culture is. Nadia, the main character of the story is an ambitious girl who puts in a lot of work for her career advancement. She does not hesitate to go that extra mile to prove her worth at office. The worst part is she does not even know that her work has become her life. Her husband is an equally busy man and there is no trouble at the home front too. For everyone who knows her, she has the ideal life as the lead of a great team and a perfect husband. Even she is deluded with the same thought. Until, life imposes an unexpected twist on her predictable lifestyle. Nadia accidentally learns that she is pregnant. Little does she know the implications of this in her office and personal life. The chaos that follows this news disrupts the only life she knows so far. But the world does not end when there is a mighty disappointment. Suddenly Nadia has something else to think and care about other than her project.The baby is teaching things that she never knows is within her.This makes her realize how much she has lost being a workaholic. She takes time for the more important things and learns to build her life around them this time with sensitivity for others and most importantly for herself.

What does a perfect life mean? Is it the same as a happy life?

Or is it possible to be happy even when one does not have everything?

Identity is a tale of success, frustration and self-esteem. People especially women with a hectic work schedule can better relate to this story of a girl who gave a new meaning to her identity.

No one can make you feel less if you know your worth.

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Bouquet of Love: Inspiring Short Stories on Love

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    • profile image

      Colin323 3 years ago

      This sounds an interesting novel and is very relevant to the lives of many women today