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If I would marry then I shall marry my true loving mother

Updated on October 16, 2016

love tips

I met some old friends during the Christmas season. They remind me of the good old days. I had not seen most of them for over ten years. The event that brought us together was a wedding ceremony. At least two of my friends did their marriage rites this past Christmas season while some did an engagement ceremony. I do not know how long it would take for some of us to see each other again because we now come from different walks of life. It is no longer those days we mostly play and chat because we had little to think about. We now have works to do and some of us have families to take care of.

One of our friends walked to me after one of the weddings and said, "He is now married. It is a message for those of us still single to get married." I smiled and agreed with him. Then I wondered if it is all about marriage or happiness in marriage? I trust that my friend got a perfect wife so I have no reason to bother about him. Secondly, he is an easy going guy. Thirdly, he is in the same profession with his wife so they should know each other better as legal practitioners.

Yet, I know it takes two to tangle. Happiness in marriage demands good mutual understanding between partners. I once told someone that I would rather stay single than to get married to someone who would not understand me especially my position in religious tolerance, equity, among others. That was why I smiled because of only truly few, at this current age, would share and understand my vision and dream for humanity. Therefore, if I must marry, she must, first, be my friend, then my sister and my wife. Above all, she must be my true loving mother. I, on my part, would be her friend, brother, husband and true loving father. This is because only a true mother or father would find it hard to reject his or her son or daughter.

A true mother would forgive her child when the child sincerely asks for forgiveness with true repentance. Consequently, we may disagree as friends, brothers or sisters, or even as husband and wife but a true mother would not let her child down. She would not divorce her child because she knows the child has no one else to call mother. She would be patient, loving, understanding and willing to listen to me her child. Marriage needs trust, understanding, love and patience to overcome its challenges. Truly it is not easy. That is why it is written in my unpublished book, which I rephrase, "I know marriages could be hell but our love for each other can quench the greatest fire of hell so even if we must see hell, our love would not be afraid because even hell would be made a paradise for us."

Truly, if I would marry then I shall marry my loving mother. Only her would understand, encourage, and stand by me as I do my work for humanity. I must only marry her, my mother, because only her will understand and know the need for equity, religious tolerance, justice, liberty, love, and unity among men. She will not be so selfish not to think of others in her judgment. I shall marry someone who will be like a mother so that we do not think of divorce not minding if I am called a sinner or what you will for my vision for humanity.


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