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If loving you

Updated on April 19, 2017
Mc Cleann Napoles profile image

Mc has been working in accounting department as supervisor for eight years. Writing a poem is her way to express her feelings.

If loving you means getting insane

I am willing to lose my brain

If loving you means smiling

I would never stop laughing

If loving you means waiting

I will remain standing

If loving you means walking

My first step forward is now starting

If loving you means forgiving

I will never get mad

If loving you means dying

I would give up my life

If loving you means letting you go

I will hold you tight

Why would I let go of the person

I can't live without

If you find a thousand reason to walk away

I will show you a million reason to stay

I will remind you of the happy moments that we shared

I will let you feel how much I care


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