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If sky is your dream……. !

Updated on September 20, 2012

If sky is your dream……. !

The beauty of life is about all the feelings and experiences from our childhood we gather till our time on earth. It is thus very important to have positive attitude towards all the happenings of life so that from our very young age we start moving towards a successful life. Success is not all about materialistic things meant here. It is an altogether holistic picture tried to be pointed out. Success in attitudinal aspect as well as physical and spiritual level may be achieved with a slight awareness in a continuous way. It is little hard to imagine at first but then we do it always without even realizing it. When we were very young we first started to talk and walk with the help and assistance from our seniors but then suddenly we started running then cycling and thus the list just goes on and on. These are very normal process of growing up and so we are not at all bothered about this. But now just think about the changes one goes through in this ever changing world in the life from the beginning. Each and everything in life always was a FIRST TIME. The normal growing process about life is what we need to apply for our success mantra. If we can consciously imbibe in our daily life the very basic principle that the destination we want to reach in life is what state we are already in then nobody or no power can detain us from being actually there very soon. It’s very much possible and easy.

If for instance we want to be in a very beautiful place then we have to act like we are already there. Some people around all the time dream to visit abroad countries but then they do not tend to even have the passport. Then actually they are proving that they are not even confident of their own wish. So the wish always remains as wish. It never gets fulfilled. These kind of very simple examples are everywhere. So first requirement is the FEEL factor that you are already there….where you want to reach. The destination can be of many types. Like for somebody it can be money, fame, job, education etc. But one should have a very comprehensive DESTINATION to reach and a more spiritual as well as attitudinal approach will always result in more self sustainable effect. An aim of good health with a religious and positive view towards life and world will sure give the person a tough road but the destination will be more effective in terms of endurance. An all round success in life should be the aim. Then one has to act like he/she has already reached there. One has to send out the feel of inside happiness to the surrounding. For example if someone gets a desired position in a job then he/she celebrates and everyone close also feels the happiness. Likewise we need to celebrate each and every day and moment of life as if we just achieved the desired goal and thus one day without realizing it becomes our habit. Thus the success becomes an everyday mantra which is so simple!

Another very common example is achieving our love. It’s a common story that someone falling in love and after wooing for a time with all heart it’s normally accomplished. This principle as well may simply be applied to all aspects of life. So if we want something very truly then somehow we get it provided we are confident enough. We have to be clear of what we want and whether we truly want it or not. Then we need to maintain a positive and happy feel about the whole issue and within no time we have the desired result. An old saying that ‘first you make a habit then habit will make you’…may be very apt here…..thus first you make a habit of feeling success, and then success will make you happier.

After achieving the desired consequence then comes the question of retention. Many people kisses success but then again they go back to their previous position. It is again in their heart. People normally gets what they want, wishes or plan without properly realizing it. People wish to be very rich then after earning much money they get scared and insecure, and then they start planning for health security, accident, theft etc. So what they are actually aiming for? It’s not that one should not save money for future. But then many people why plan for all the negative causes on earth? Why it cannot be some savings for world tour, some beauty/spa package, some nice get together or any positive and good things? There lies the covert magic of prolong happiness aka success. So one should be very careful even after achieving the aim to plan to retain it or maintain it. Every positive and good thing will bring only good result. It is required to think very warily only happy and positive things all the while for a prolonged and victorious as well as happy life. A good healthy family, and warm relations, financial independence, professional success, spiritual tranquility etc may be an ideal situation which may sound too non- attainable for many people. But it is very simple to accomplish such a position with simple positive attitude towards all aspect of life. Whatever happens with us if we can be in positive state of mind then everything will be just best for us.

If one can make positive and happy feel an everyday habit then life will be all successful in true holistic sense. One should only have the confidence and trust about the own dream/aim and it should be real enough to start living though it to attain it.

D’ Cheers to my entire friends here who dares to dream and walk through it to touch the sky, even if sky is the dream !


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