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Ignorant Beauty

Updated on July 2, 2013

Ignorant Beauty

Such beauty you posses,

Such wisdom you were bestowed,

Such an everlasting smile you have,

Such the aura around you, enlightening it is,

For it hurts me so,

Such actions you have taken now,

Such beauty has become tarnished,

Such wisdom has become ignorance,

Such an invigorating smile now filled with despair,

Such an uplifting presence turned to sorrow,

Tried to save you indeed I did,

Such strength I possessed No more left to borrow,

Such words escaped Your lips,

Such deteriated all the energy I could muster,

Such deafening words leaving me flustered,

Such my wings can no longer carry us both,

Shattered they are now,

Such flight we shall never experience again,

Such my soul shall cease to exist,

Such as this is now the end,

Such the ink has left my pen,

Such Life has Fled my body once more,

Reasons to live I have No Moreā€¦..


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