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Not to i

Updated on June 16, 2017
Everett Bradley profile image

Everett Bradley, convincingly or not, doesn't do much else other than write and read.

I am not a racist

But the political Crackers are enslaving
The fatherless Niggers who destroy our streets
Whom are spoken of on the Kike's news early in the morning
Before we head to our Earth-raping Job
Headed by the Chinks
Who take advantage of the Wetbacks
(And sometimes the Chinks)

I am not a sexist

But cunts in the west
Who do better in education
Who live longer than their male counterparts
Who have lower work-related deaths than males
Who have the Jury on their side
Should stop crying about the invisible amount of cents that suite their victim-hood
And should go help their sisters in the middle east
Who are being murdered
For the crime of being raped

I am not a sexist

But promising male athletes in school
Who rape their classmates as they lose consciousness
Don't deserve 6 months of house arrest
They deserve the same as the man who came before them
10 years minimum
With an ass raping of their own
Given by the niggers
Who will be spending twice the amount of time in prison
For selling the least harmful drug known to man

I am not a racist
And green hollowed eyes I am
I am not a sexist
And revered minds amindst
My mellow fold


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    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 10 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      Abrupt and harsh seem to be the focal point of this piece - I can appreciate your telling everyone what you "aren't" - but I find a missing "what you are" to counter the earlier denials...

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 10 months ago from Queensland Australia

      You make some very valid points here in this hard-hitting poem. I had to comment before it is deleted however, as I know it will not pass the HP censors.