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images photos and music videos walk like a man my son only the strong survive fear nothing

Updated on June 15, 2010

Are you Afraid?

know in fear is a sin.only cowards are afraid.fear sucks the life out of you and everyone around you.fear is contagious and spreads fast.fear is controlling,and makes you do things that you would not normally do.fear is a thief and will steal your days and times away from you.fear kills dreams,fear destroys kings and queens before they even know that they are kings and queens.fear robs the great of their destiny.fear moves from you to your spouse to your children fears moves through your house and can rule your life.fear empowers at the same time fear oppresses.fear shackles the soul.fear drags down the heart of men.fear contaminates the minds of visionaries.fear defeats the victorious before they can even claim victory.fear robs you of your gift and will still your joy.fear enslaves millions with mental chains and makes them think they are weak.are you afraid?that is the question you have to ask your is living and death is what else can happen?death comes to us not be afraid.because we are life to the fullest.create the happiness that you want.become the person that you want to become.enjoy life because its a gift.that's why its called the love be not be afraid and do not listen to fear mongers.because only cowards are afraid,the brave live and walk and talk victory.its your life,fear or victory what do you choose?

fear factor

Facing your fear can be life changing.When I was a kid I was scared to death of the deep end of the pool.I would not go any further than three feet.No matter what.As long as my feet could touch the bottom and I could bob up and down I was fine.All my friends was swimmers and the pool gave free swimming lessons,but I would not participate because I did not want to leave my comfort zone.I was afraid,and because I was afraid I was the last one out of my friends to learn how to swim.Fear Stops Progress.I was a very bad kid.Anyway there was this girl she was about fifteen sixteen somewhere in there(I was seven at the time)And I had a huge crush on her.She was the second woman I had proposed to.the first being my kindergarten teacher.I use to follow her around and wreck her nerves.I was maddly in love and I made sure she knew it.Then one day she did something to me.So I vowed that vengeance would be mine.The next day at the pool I got my chance for revenge.She was standing in five feet talking to her boyfriend so I mustered up a liitle bit of courage and went underwater and pulled her bikini bottoms off!I made my way out of the pool waving her bottoms around while her boyfriend chased me around the pool.Everybody was laughing.He caught me picked me up and threw me into the middle of eight feet.Everybodies screaming"NO!!!!HE CAN'T SWIM!!!"I sank straight to the bottom.As I looked up I could see the sky.I planted my feet and pushed off.By this time all the older kids was diving in to save me.As I neared halfway one kid snatched me up over his shoulder and made a bee line for the surface hurried out of the pool and sat me into a lounge chair."are you O.K?" He asked."yeah"I said,then I got up and went right back over to the eight feet and jumped in.Once again I sank to the bottom.pushed off and made my way back to the surface.I repeated this process all day.That was the day I learned how to swim.That was the day I faced fear for the first time and conquered it.Today I am a fantastic swimmer,and I owe it all to being tossed into the middle of the deep end of the pool.Forced to face my fear head on.Fear rules only if you let it.Victory comes to the victorious because the victorious press on despite fear.Peace I'm Audi 5000.


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      thanx.Drop by anytime.

    • Island Tropical profile image

      Island Tropical 8 years ago

      Great Hub, keep on with your good job.