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Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands Book Review

Updated on February 11, 2015

18th Book

The 18th installment in the series finds this type of vampire. My copy looks like it is years old. I have read it so many times. I bought it new.

I didn't want to read this book because it is about a character that I didn't care much about in the first place: Anders. Anders does not have much of a character. Other characters use try to use him as comic relief but that falls short. If he was not a vampire his feelings might have been really hurt. It must have taken a strong immortal to just sit there and take all the comments. I would have pulled over, in the past books and called a taxi. Or, being an immortal ... just walk. He does not need that job, anyway.

I looked forward to him going rogue. Maybe, this series could have picked up. But, this series is not that way. The immortals in it have known each other for a long time. The odds of him going rogue are very slim because his character didn't seem to be going, anywhere. He just stuck close to the other characters long enough for someone to get a mate for him.

This story has Anders answering a call about a possible rogue. It turns out that there is a rogue. Though most of the story, he is not chasing the rogue but getting to know the female lead Valerie. To my surprise, she does not make fun of him the first chance she gets, unlike other females. She only wants to get back to her life.

image: Amazon


Where the Romance Starts

Valerie has been the victim of a violent crime. Instead, of waiting to die she escapes from a horrible situation. Barely alive, she finds her way to a phone to call for help. When help arrives it is not the cops that find her but a group of Immortals. In this group is Anders. He soon finds out that he is her life mate.

The only thing wrong with this is that Valerie has been a victim of an Immortal's abuse. She does and does not know what they guy did to her. She was drugged for a lot of it.

The Characters

Anders is a man who needs to be around others but he does not want to talk to them. He does not express his oppinon in the other novels and lets others walk all over him. In this novel, he agrees with others but he does speeks up more to Valerie. However, he still gets made fun of by the females. They are often use him to get their own way. Valerie eventually, treats him the same way as the novel progresses.

Valerie does not like being the victim. She enjoys making her own choices in life. Being kidnapped was an unfortunate pump in the road for her. Life goes on. So, what. Only the rogue was still out there and could have killed her but she only thinks of staying the course of her own life. Without Anders there to protect her, she would have been kidnapped yet again.

image: DChance

The Book

I just wanted to add that Valerie should never have went on any adventure while hurt. Leigh is not a very smart woman in this story. I don't understand why Valerie would ever listen to her. I am only guessing that Valerie wants to achieve her own goal of getting back to her life. Valerie sees Leigh as a means to her own goal.

The series has to do with a race of immortals that have lived since the time of Atlantis. The immortals are like vampires. They have fangs, try to stay out of the sun, drink blood and try to drink blood out of a bag ... most of the time.

Most of the couples are found by Margaret who has found every couple so far. She finds life mates. Margaret has even found her own life mate in Vampire Interrupted. That was the 9th book in the series.

She continues to find life mates even if the vampire is happy being alone. They just have not realized they need someone in their lives. Well, they are about to get the shock of their lives when Margaret find them their other half of their heart.


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