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How to Improve English Writing Skills

Updated on February 23, 2015
How to Improve English Writing Skills
How to Improve English Writing Skills | Source

The following are a few activities that can be done daily to improve your writing skills, especially when practicing a new language

1. Re-writing

Being able to control a language is best shown when you are able to rephrase and say something using different words. Try reading a news article and then rephrasing it in your own words to either create a new article or just a summary of what you have read.

2. Write a story: It does not have to be a long story and it may just be describing your day but telling a story allows you to practice your connecting words: then, first, second, lastly, suddenly, etc. If you want, you can keep a daily journal.

3. Reading a well-written work: a book, a news article or a paper can help you improve your writing. By reading sentences that are put together well you will be able to start to recognize correct sentence structure and begin to get a feel of what sounds right and what does not. Another plus is that reading is one of the best ways to expand your vocabulary

4. Comment Online:

Practice your writing by commenting online, on a blog, video etc. This will make you mush more self-aware of what you are saying and depending on the blog, you may get feedback which can either help you, if you are not understood or allow you to carry on a conversation and practice your writing skills

5. Translate:

This tip is applicable to you only if you are a Non-native speaker.

Take a story, an essay or a narration of an incident that you witnessed from your native 5. language and start translating it into English.

In the beginning, it may appear tedious and stressful since you need to find the appropriate word (vocabulary) for your expressions. But, in the long run, this activity certainly improves your vocabulary.

Do not be contented till you feel it’s good. Revise and replace the words, phrases and structure.


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