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In the Desert - Original Poems and Song of Cactus and Deserts

Updated on September 15, 2014

Poems for the Desert including an Original Song

In this lens I explore Deserts through original poetry and song


Whether in the Southwest US or the Sahara or somewhere else, deserts are often both hostile and romantic; quiet or loud; devoid of all

vegetation or replete with many species of cacti.


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) reprint with written permission

Out Across the Desert Dry

Out across the desert dry

Baking under the sun drenched sky

Lies thorny cactus, scrubby oak

Hostile beauty to thought provoke

Many critters come out at night

When it's cool to their delight

Birds love the Saguaro holes

For hiding from predatory patrols

And when it rains, the flowers bloom

To give the expanse their perfume

It's a Three Dog Night Every Night

A Song Written for Billy & Ellen who live in the desert :)

It's a three dog night every night

Two guard the homestead

One at the hearth

It's a three dog night every night

Out in the brown desert

Living a simple life

Making music through the silence

It's a three dog night every night

Hot winds blow down Bernardino hills

Coyotes howl protecting their kills

Flowers blooming after the rain

It's a three dog night every night

Yonder the turbines turn

Sometimes the fires burn

Earth shakes we don't mind

It's a three dog night every night

Post Script

Billy & Ellen have written a Zydeco version of It's a Three Dog Night Every Night that's rockin'. To be recorded!!

Leave a comment in the Guest Book if you would like to cover/record this song.

Other Cactus Poems

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Books about Deserts

Desert Plants at Elevation

Discoveries near Taos, NM

It's amazing how some desert plants live at elevation

A man less wise would frown in consternation

At 7,000 feet, there's cholla and prickly pear

One cannot be indifferent to the cactus that is there

A bloom, a single bloom emerges

Following inherent natural urges

A strong wind buffets the plants with a gust

And just alongside, this hill is black with iron dust

So, don't think that desert plants must be nearer the sea

For cacti may live on high hills if they choose to be

Look Over There Son

Look over there son

See the dark spot in that saguaro

A little bird is having fun

In his piece of cactus borrowed

A Saguaro in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona

Sentinel On This Plain

A saguaro stands sentinel on this plain

Its myriad needles prick the night

A bird family a happy home does gain

Within this giant's towering height

On first sight of this treelike growth

The desert foreigner needs be awed

He mouths a wordless lauding oath

For dangerous beauty doth applaud

Sahara Sand

Sahara sand storms whip with fury

As nature is the only judge and jury

Flinging specks on white clothed men

There's not much hiding; no green glen

The humped beasts go to the ground

To wait the worst without a sound

When the gale abates they rise

And continue forward with supplies

Let Me Know What You Think - Thanks! - Stay Cool Now!

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