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In a knight

Updated on August 18, 2013

Take me into your heart.

My garden rose.

Let me look at the walls of your soul.

Higher are your castles for my throne.

You’re the dance in the meadow that feels my cold.

You are the fresh fire that shakes my soul’s honor.

Shape my heart after you name in gold.

That breeze the winds of my soul.

You pass my shame like a dame loyal to the sun.

But you leave me by honor.

You leave me to your summer’s court.

I am the knight that honored thy heart.

My honor fills my shoes.

It fills me to stand strong or bow low.

You lace yourself away from me.

Like a chapter that unfolds.

By keeping still your pages…… you smile at me in secret.

By the rose of the court’s garden you have seen me.

You have made me a flower doomed by silences.

I am unable to express my love.

To look at you and not speak is a thunderous weep in death.

My heart thunders by feelings that arise for you.

But you are too quick to run past my heart.

You make me an animal to grasp you at my heart.

You are fit to be handed to a king.

But my honor shakes and craves after you.

By the comfort of kings I will have you.

There we will live the sweetness of our kingdom.

I am a knight to my brother.

I will ignite my earthly wisdom by the fires of gold.

In a knight’s honor I shall love you.

Copyright(c) Shamela 12 / February / 2012


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