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Inexpensive Gift Pens

Updated on June 3, 2012

This year, for Valentine's Day, I was lucky enough to receive some beautiful gifts. Amongst them was a set of three, very attractive ballpoint pens. Whilst these pens are not particularly extravagant or in any way expensive, I thought it was a really lovely gift to receive. For one thing, since I am a writer, to receive pens is very apt. Even though most of my work is done using my laptop, I do make a lot of notes in the early stages of my work. No more searching round the house for any old pen that one of the kids has used and wandered off with - no one is allowed to use my new pens but me. And I must admit to feeling a vague sense of sophisication when using them. What's more, pens are not gifts of the moment, to be left in the back of a drawer never to see the light of day once the fashion changes. A pen is a gift which has a long lifespan;

And of course, you do not have to be a writer to receive a pen as a gift. Really, we are all writers, at least some of the time. We make lists, we write cards, we use pens whilst we are working in other jobs. Perhaps there is no one in the world that wouldn't appreciate the use of a nice pen, at some time or the other.

Below is a list of some good quality gift pens, ideal for a special person in your life:

Fisher Bullet Space Pen in Chrome

The Fisher Space Pen in a small, very popular pen with a certain novelty factor. After all, how many pens can write at any angle, in extreme temperatures, in zero gravity, on greasy paper and even underwater. In fact, even though the Space Pen was designed independently by Paul Fisher more than four decades ago (and was not funded, nor requested by NASA) both the American and Soviet space agencies switched to using the pens after rigorous testing. These are pens that can be used by those who work in difficult environments (and not only astronauts) although of course they are just as suitable for people who simply love a great pen. The Fisher Space Bullet Pen writes smoothly and easily and comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

The Fisher Space Pen is made from brass with a chrome finish. It's small size means that it will fit easily into a pocket, wallet or purse. The length of the pen increases somewhat when the cap is removed and placed on the end. This product arrives gift-boxed.

Fisher Space Bullet Pens in Alternative Colors

Fisher Space Bullet Pens come in an assortment of attractive colors, so there is something to suit everyone, whether male or female. Pictured here are Bullet Pens in Lime Green, Cherry Red, Gold Brass, Matt Black and Rainbow. Fuschia, Purple and Blueberry are also available. Personally, I love the Lime Green - a cool, sophisicated and fashionable shade for a woman. Black is the typical smart color for a man - of course, men will probably also favor the Chrome or Gold Brass. Whatever type of personality you are shopping for - classy, smart or way-out, then there is a Space Bullet Pen to match.

Cross Classic Century Medalist Ballpoint Pen and 0.5mm Pencil Set

In polished chrome with 23 karat gold plated appointments, this set would make an elegant gift.  Both the pen and the pencil are slimline, and produced by a popular and reputable manufacturer with a lifetime guarantee.  The instruments are comfortable to use and writing is smooth and easy.  The phrase here is understated, yet extremely classy.  Included is 1 black medium ball-point refill, 5 pencil leads and 1 pencil eraser.

Cross Contour Satin Chrome Ballpoint Pen

This barreled pen with tapered silhouette has received some excellent reviews and is stylish, comfortable and easy to grip. It is pictured here in Satin Chrome, although other finishes are available. This instrument uses archival quality solvent ink and has a twist action tip adjustment which allows an extra element of fluid grace. The Cross Contour Pen comes gift-boxed.


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