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Insanity (Short Story)

Updated on October 27, 2011

It was a lonely, cold, grey day. The waves crashed against the mossy green pillars silently. The quiet, rugged man walked along the shore, as the starving seagulls scavenged for scraps of garbage to feed upon. The man took a quick glance behind him, feeling as if something were there, watching his every move, waiting for its perfect time to strike. He picked up his steps, moved quickly in fear. Not knowing if something was truly there, or if it was simply an illusion of the mind, was the worst part. Everything fell silent now, the fighting seagulls, the crashing waves, the cold wind. All that was heard, was the rhythmic beat of the mans heart. His thoughts scrambling, hands shaking, a chill shivered down his spine. As the daunting seagulls made a bloodcurdling shriek, the man momentarily stopped to take a swift glance back. What he saw, was possibly the most terrifying thing of all, nothing. Yet he could still feel the unnatural impression of being watched, possibly stalked. As his mind and thoughts sped up, his feet slowed down. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t think straight, he was lost in his own thoughts. So many possibilities of what could be out there, stalking him, yet it could be nothing at all. He has now reached a level of insanity he never thought possible.

His paranoia greatened, he didn’t know where this ’thing’ could be. Behind him? Maybe from the sides? Perhaps behind those pillars, maybe it was lurking beneath the ocean? He didn’t know, but he had to find out, it was the only way to reach sanity once again. He headed back towards the isolated fishing town he called home, not to far from the beach. As he walked down main street, all the familiar shops he once knew became forgotten. Fellow colleagues, close friends, even family, have now all become complete strangers to him.

He stumbled down the roughly paved roads, gazing into strangers homes, until he finally reached his own. The door, its locked… He has forgotten how to use a key. All these simple everyday tasks have now become a great challenge. He sat outside, the cold wind blew, his thoughts still spinning out of control. Everything fell silent once again. The only noises to be heard where the beating of his heart, and the footsteps coming from inside. “somebody.. Is in my house” he said to himself, in a dark emotionless whisper. He walked across the wet, muddy grass, to get to the back door which he just recently remembered he left unlocked.

He entered the house, mumbling words to himself as he sat down on his old worn out sofa. Sitting there, staring into nothing, yet everything. “is… somebody in here?” he whispered to himself. The silence increased his curiosity which led to further insanity. “Is anybody here!” he screamed. With a long pause, there came a sturdy reply from across the room, “Yes“. Suddenly, The man jumped up from his seat, in excitement, yet in fear. “Why are you here, why are you following me?” he said nervously. With no reply, he became angry, frustrated. As the hinges from the closet door slowly squeaked, the man knew what he had to do. He reached for the grimy kitchen knife laying on the floor, used from last nights dinner.

As he slid the closet door open, the voices from within his head got louder. As it opened, to his surprise he saw nothing but an unknown figure, a stranger. He raised his knife with fear and compassion. The unknown figure let out a repulsive scream of throbbing pain as the knife entered between its ribs. The man felt satisfaction as he continuously stabbed this unknown figure with repetition.

The man sat back down on his sofa, as if nothing had ever happened. The vile blood-filled knife laying on the floor. The dreadful smell of death filling the room. Unexpectedly the doorbell rang. This sound now unfamiliar to the man, due to insanity. The door swung open, a women rushed in, fear and confusion filled her eyes as she saw the man sitting on the sofa. “Where’s Shane!” she screamed. “Why did you just leave me there at the beach!”. The man remained sitting there, on the sofa emotionless. She glanced down and saw the sickening blood-filled knife. Frightened, she screamed, “Where is Shane! What have you done with our child!”. The man, now recognizing his wife, sees the blood stained rug, vile knife, and smells the nauseating aroma of death. In fear and denial, he slowly walks towards the closet door. Opening it just a crack, he sees the blood-filled room, and drops to his knees, now knowing what he has done. All the memories, they are now coming back to him. “I remember…” he cried. “We all went for a walk along the beach.. But I was angry, I must have snapped..” he glanced up at his wife, with tears running down his face. He fell to the floor in agonizing pain, “I’m sorry” he pleaded, as the wife slowly reached for the knife…


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    • ThomasE profile image

      ThomasE 6 years ago from UK

      This is a fun story, I liked the way you got over the characters emotion in the first paragraph. Thanks!