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Inspiration for Writing

Updated on November 6, 2016



Finding Mr Inspiration

When you are faced with a blank page, a full pen and a blank mind, you need to look for inspiration. This is a common problem for many writers and other creative people but the goal is to keep writing no matter what. Writing is the exercise a writer needs to get better at his/her craft and this should not be inhibited by a block.

There are so many places a writer can get inspiration from


The internet has created a lot of new generation writers and many blogs are coming up today. These blogs have content that ranges from topic about Panties to anything you can think of. You just need to look through a little before your creative antenna picks up something that wasn't well written that you can write better. While this would inspire you to write, care should be taken not to copy and paste or just paraphrase what has been read. You should take time to digest and develop your opinion with a lot of research in the topic you decided to write about.


These carry stories that makes you start thinking of writing a response or creating a different side to the story written. They contain pictures that make you want to duplicate with words. They are usually readily available especially if you are a hoarder like me.


To be a good writer you have to read a lot of famous and good writers. Books hold a great treasure of inspiration and teachings in time of a writers' block. A quick read through one of your favourite writer may remind you of why you are a writer and the possibility and magic your create with your mind.


These are creative works that could get you thinking of how they are affecting their target audience, how effective or ineffective the adverts are, how better they could have been written by you and other things that makes you dash for your pen. You may get attached to the key word and decide to write a story about it.. You may find a compelling character in the advert.


With Sky, Netflix and Youtube, you have a load of movies to pick from. Nollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood just name it. The lifestyle of the actors and actresses is enough to get you inspired to write not to talk of the storylines of the movie itself.


These are creative works with hidden interpretation. Sitting down to study works of art will get you writing in no time. Imagine what was going on the the artist's mind as they created the piece. Wonder about how many people have seen the piece and what it meant to them.


Music is not only food for the soul but also grease to your elbow that get you writing without stopping. Listening to the lyrics of a song can strike a cord that chatters the block holding down a writer.


They said two heads are better than one. Holding a brainstorming session with other writers can set the ball of ideas rolling in your head. There may be a method to get rid of writer's block known to your colleague or you might find another writer working on a project that would interest you.


History is usually very rich with mysteries and intrigues that gets you thinking and breaks down the barrier stopping you from writing.


Flowers, trees, birds in the garden, name it. Nature is filled with inspiring creatures and things to keep you going at all times. Many writers have come back to create their best piece after a stroll down the road.


Talking to friends and people you love relaxes you and puts you in a receptive mood for any inspiring event that you might have ignored due to stress.


Writing is a solitary act which can become too much on the human mind so go to a public place, walk on the road, observe your environment, listen to what people are saying on the road and you'll be shocked at how much you have to write after that encounter.

You are the inspiration

A writer can get inspiration from anywhere apart from these listed above. The best source of inspiration to a writer is however within him or herself. Look within you and you'll find a deep reservoir of inspiration.


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