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Inspirational Stories about Abuse and Overcoming the Odds

Updated on November 14, 2014

Inspirational Abuse Survival Stories

More people than you can even imagine have been severely abused and mistreated as children, wives, and husbands, partners, and other family and members or relations to other people. There is help and you can survive! Don't ever give up, you can repair your wounds and learn to forgive and heal. To harbor hate in your heart lets them win! Abusers are often victims themselves turning the tables in an odd method of coping with their own abuse. They are folks with mental defects, personality disorders, and some people are just downright mean, but whatever the root, you don't need it, and should not feel bad for the abuser. They are damaging you, and to leave the situation is what you need to do for your own well-being, the well-being of your family, friends, and other relationships. Find a way, be brave, and begin to heal!

The Abuse Cycle

Domestic & Other Types of Abuse

Most people who exhibit abuse regardless of mental defect or just a personality defect exhibit very similar traits in the way that they abuse their victims. Most abuse occurs on a domestic level between couples, parents and children, and other family members. I hope this lens will help you recognize you are being abused if so and how to get out of it and eventually heal.

Here are some stories that are inspirational and show that you can become who you really are and escape this living hell. Nobody deserves to be abused, and you can heal and get help!

The Color Purple - Miss Celie - Child Sexual Abuse & Spousal Abuse Survivor

As a young woman, Celie is subjected to awful emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. She is often told she is ugly and used up. She is quiet and just submits as a survival mechanism for years to the abuses of her stepfather, Alphonso, who initially she believes is her birth father as well as her husband Albert who marries her when she is barley fourteen. Alphonso impregnates the girl when she is pretty much a child more than once. Her heart is torn apart when the babies are given away. Oddly enough, Celie ends up taking on Shug Avery, a beautiful, empowered woman, as a rbest friend, and I almost believe she is in love with her in a small way. Shug sleeps with Albert, but the two women forge a bond and Shug strengthens her, tells her she is beautiful, and a good person. She helps her get out finally! Celie recovers herself. Her voice gets louder and louder from a whisper to a scream. She raised Albert's awful children, dealt with his dysfunctional family, and mean father, and everything else that goes along with this disgusting, and pathetic man. Celie is taken away from her sister, the only person she ever truly loved as a child as Albert has a bit of a sick crush on her and intends to probably rape her if he can't get her to willingly submit to him. When Celie gets older, she realizes that there are some people who do love her, she does have self-worth, and she is not just a puppet to be sexualized and smacked around. She becomes a fulfilled, successful, and independent woman. She opens a clothing shop where she makes pants, which empowers other women! Celie's beloved sister, Nettie returns from Africa to find Celie, an effort which Albert actually finances as an apology to the wife who he leaned on for everything all the years of his life with her and just treats her like a rag-doll. He tries to atone in this way. Celie is able to forgive him as this gesture let her forget her hate. Celie's children are accompanied by their aunt Nettie. Olivia and Adam are her children and she sees how wonderful they turned out, and how they married and are in fulfilling relationships and even though she was separated from them her heart swells with pride. They know she loves them, and call her by "mama". She cries the most tears of joy you ever did see. She feels reinforced with strength and as young at heart as ever she did!

Sybil - Sybil - Child Abuse Survivor

Sybil Elizabeth Dorset, not her real name, developed true multiple personality disorder as a result of her mother, who was probably a schizophrenic, repeatedly physically and emotionally abusing her over the years. Shirley Ardell Mason, who was born on January 25, 1923 and died on February 26, 1998 was an artist on whom the 1973 book Sybil and two subsequent movies, one an original and one sequel were dramatized in 1976 and 2007. Both medims used Sybil Isabel Dorsett as the main character's name to protect Sybil's true identity. At the end of the 2007 version, her real name is actually stated at the end. The unique situation in this story is that she had a father to protect her, but he denied and refused to notice that his wife was horrifically abusing his child to the point where she, being a schizophrenic had to develop other personalities to insulate and protect her from herself and her mother. Sybil overcame her illness to the best of her ability to become a productive and successful human being. She was an accomplished artist, and her psychiatrist liked her so well that she actually left her money in her will. She became a mother figure to Sybil, who lacked a mother and normalcy all her life!

David Pelzer - A Child Called It

David suffered, in my opinion, the worst kind of abuse a child can suffer; at the hands of his mother! Worst of all, his father allowed it to continue, and his brothers dispute his claims saying he is embellishing the abuse. His teachers and child and family services thought different. The boy was starved, beaten, stabbed, burned, and if that isn't bad enough, he was made to sleep on a cot in the basement. He stole food and begged for food from neighbors and was never allowed to have friends or play outside. When he was successful in scoring a bite to eat, he was made to vomit it into the toilet by his mother, and sometimes made to eat his own vomit. In spite of his family and their disgustingly apathetic and denying attitudes, he has gone on to help other abuse survivors (children) and has made quite a difference in the world.

At first, David's brother claimed he lit fires and that's why social services took him, but lo and behold, Dave's brother wrote a book (more than one), which are listed in this lens), about how his mother turned on him and began abusing him when Dave was removed from the home and placed by social services due to the abuse he endured at the hands of his own mother!

David Pelzer won the JC Penney Golden Rule Award, The Points of Light Award , and California Volunteer of the Year. In 1993, he was one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans. In 2009, he was named the Outstanding Young Person of the World. I would say that this man has certainly overcome and in spite of the horrors he has withstood, he's a great husband, and a super dad!

Celie (The Color Purple) and Her Sister Reunite! - I Bawled My Eyes Out for Hours!!!

Celie Harris-Johnson's pervie, pedophile, little girl loving, sicko of an abusive husband kept her away from her beloved sister, and here they are reunited as beautiful, happy, successsful, and fulfilled mature women! I love it! Life does go on! She also is further surprised when her children who she bore with her disgusting, pedophile of a stepfather who were adopted out to loving families have returned with her sister from Africa as successful, happy people. One is married, and she gets to see that they are happy, and they lived a life apart from her, but it was for the best. Beautiful!!!!!!!

Dave Pelzer - One Man's Courage to Survive - Dave Has Authored Three Books About His Life

I'm not sure what happened to his mom, but she got very sick with alcoholism and perhaps something else. She turned her sickness towards her child and beat his into oblivion. He grew up to help others and make sure it doesn't happen to others!

The beginning is a little bit disturbing, so if this really bothers you a lot, don't watch this one, k!

Inspirational Stories - That Will Make Your Heart Smile

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Remember that. As an abuse survivor, I can attest to this! Stand up, get help, and don't ever let anyone beat you down!!!

More Inspirational Stories - Stay Strong & Be Inspired!

Abuse is a cycle, and there are signs. You can learn from these people. You can see it in yourself, others, and help yourself and others! David Pelzer's brother, Richard also wrote a book, claiming when Dave was removed from the home, he became Mommy Dearest's target!

Places to Get Help! - Organizations That Can Save & Heal You!

For people experiencing abuse or dealing with its outcomes, don't go it alone. Here are some organizations that can help you or a loved one!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Excellent lens. I'm glad when people emphasize the power to heal from abuse and not just the damage from it.

    • WayneDave LM profile image

      WayneDave LM 

      7 years ago

      Great lens. Some really sad but powerful stories. The David Pelzer one particularly moved me. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      OMG! a guestbook so that I can let you know that I was here. LOL

      This is a well put together lens.


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