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Interview with a Master by Jason Luke

Updated on February 25, 2015

What You Can Expect from this Book?

I have read countless of books. But only a few stand out. Interview with a Master is one of those few. It is quite unexpected because it seems the typical romance with a dash of lifestyle in it. However, this proved me wrong. The author wrote a novel in a new perspective without having to shy away from the typical norm. He used characters that readers are familiar with while conveying insights that are both old and new on the realm of things. This is a new attack on a topic or genre that is not accepted by most people. Most books with this genre focus on the attraction and scenes leaving the readers either disturbed or riveted. This type of writing does not invite new readers and this could potentially lose its current market.

This breaks the norm. It encourages us to read about it and understand the details of this lifestyle. It does not solely focuses on the lifestyle but rather on the male and female as an entity that have needs and wants that both can fulfill. It is a book that allows us to look into the inner workings of the human mind and heart.

Inteview with a Master

Interview with a Master
Interview with a Master

Leticia Falls is a journalist apprentice who lands the interview of a lifetime. It is an interview with the rich and enigmatic Jonah Noble re his life as a dominant and the lifestyle he embraces. She is well-prepared for the meeting. She has researched anything and everything about the man and yet she failed to ask questions that are moving and stirring much to his disappointment. He is willing to share everything about his life and the lifestyle, thus, he proposes a deal - do ut des. He will tell his story in exchange for her honesty.


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My Insights on Interview with a Master

This is captivating. I cannot make a thorough summary about it because it is best read from cover to cover. This is probably the first time that I will be foregoing the brewing affection between the characters. The details, stories, and insights that Jonah Noble has shared are enough to keep the readers attached and enthralled. This is a book that I cannot categorize solely as a romance because it is far more than that. The lifestyle that Jonah embraces is pictured as an ordinary means that most people have labeled as forbidden because of lack of understanding on what takes place between the people involved. It is a lifestyle that allows people to know their limits, to express their longings, and to understand themselves throughout the entire process.

The book opens our mind to the realities. We learn much about the male and female species - how they think, what they think about, and so forth. I guess we all know that the male specie's ego is his greatest force but it is also his greatest flaw. Thus, women should be able to nurture that force and flaw to ensure that he is in a healthy state of mind. Men on the other hand, must be able to give what their woman wants and needs within their grasp. They do not have to go out of their way just to give pleasure. Women are easy to please if they only look closely.

Reading the book will help you understand relationships. Whatever happens within a relationship is special. Every relationship is unique - may it be a loving relationship or otherwise. In order to keep the fire blazing within them, it is important to be attentive to your partner's need and being able to communicate what you need. The practice of give and take applies.

In Love with a Master

I am expecting much from this sequel. So far the reviews are positive - some even saying that Jason Luke has outdone the first book. I guess the second book will not disappoint. Probably it will focus on the relationship between Jonah and Leticia this time. But I am not optimistic for a typical happy ending. I believe it will end as the author sees it fit.

In Love with a Master (Interview with a Master Book 2)
In Love with a Master (Interview with a Master Book 2)

A bitter sweet sequel to Interview with a Master.


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Reasons Why I Like the Series?

I like it a lot! It is unexpected because I am not a fan of this type of genre. I am not being a snob because I have read few novels with this intense genre - some have even fascinated me with the stories and scenes. But I have always remained with romances with a lighter touch of intimacy.

Why did I read this book? I was intrigued. I kept seeing this on the top list and the customer reviews are mostly positive. Each and every review I read were encouraging and so after a few weeks time, I grab a copy and read the story.

Why do I like the book? There are several reasons why I like it.

(1) It is written in the point-of-view of a man - seldom do we find books that let us into the minds of a man, much more a dominant.

(2) The interview setup is not new but Jason Luke twists it into something else that oozes a sexy atmosphere.

(3) The characters are not also new. In most books, we are introduced to a strong man and an accomplished but naïve woman. But the characters in this story have help readers understand how the predator lures its prey.

(4) The reiteration of the protagonist's experiences is quite a new concept. Usually we are presented with the current setup or a glimpse of the past. The advantage of this concept is that we see the journey of the protagonist into becoming a dominant and eventually embracing the lifestyle.

(5) The protagonist is dominant in nature. This is a fresh idea. I have grown tired of books that present us with a dominant who embraced the lifestyle because of a horrific experience. Hence, he practiced dominance to control everything in his life to avoid hurting.

(6) Do ut des. I like how this has been used. This has helped shaped the characters. It has allowed us to see the progress of their relationship and the changes in their lives.

I actually wanted them to stay friends in the end. Falling in love was not necessary. It just gave the story a complication that will extend their time together. But I cannot blame the author for pushing the story further because the characters are likeable and there is so much potential for growth.

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