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Is Illuminati Real?

Updated on November 7, 2014

Is Illuminati Real

In the recent time, there have been a lot of ongoing rumor on the existence of a secret cult called Illuminati. This as people believe has their members as the famous persons who are found in different parts of the world. The truth behind this talk is that the cult called Illuminati had been wiped out from the surface of this earth long time ago. Illuminati is not real in this present time.

Many have been deceived and the images of notable men paint black in the name that they are members of Illuminati. I have seen many articles and magazines that wrote that the accused are true members of Illuminati. Different sources of social media had been used in disseminating the information that the so called Illuminati is now in existence and the accused are true members of Illuminati.

Is Illuminati Real?

Things to Know about Illuminati Rumor

Does It Mean that the Movie Industries that Showcased The Reality of Illuminati Lied?

The truth is that those who act movies, showcasing the accused persons, are just there to make their money. They act such movie because that is the hot potato (current talk) at the moment. They know that large number of people will like it, especially those that have serious hatred towards the accused pop musicians and others. Also, the pope was accused as Illuminati. Many who are against Roman Catholic Church are happy to see the pope as Illuminati in video shows. So, in summary, those that produced the videos did them just to make their money.

I will like to bring in the article writers who have written many things on the reality of Illuminati. Not going too far, they have written many things convincing many people that the accused are true members of the dead secret cult, because they need to make their money as well. These books had been written in both hard copy and soft copy. When you buy any of these books, you pay the owners. For the soft copy, whenever you browse and read them, the owners of the written articles get paid by the advertisers who place adverts on the writers’ article pages.

Is illuminati real or a mere story-illustration
Is illuminati real or a mere story-illustration | Source

Who are the Accused Illuminati Members?

The accused Illuminati members are many and all of them cannot be listed on this piece of write-up, the reason is because it is hard go to any country without seeing anyone accused as Illuminati. Pope Benedict XIV is one of the accused members of the secrete cult. People said that he was able to give order and people carry out the assignment because of the kind of power he received from the cult. What annoys me most is that many Christian believe that the pope is a member. Some Christians even carried banners showcasing their believe that the accused members are true Illuminati.

Lionel Messi is accused as member of this cult. The question is: how real is the belief? I noticed that most of these accused are among the successful persons. Do you know that somebody can say that you make blood money? The person says this because he is jealous and wants to “spoil” your name. This is the same thing that happens in that of Messi’s case. The people that broadcasted that Lionel of Argentina is member said this because they are not happy with his success. That is the pure truth you need to know. In fact, there is massive rubbing of shoulders in the world of football and this can result to this kind of rumour going on. Many want to be called the world footballer and Messi is seen as the one that occupies their position. Such persons can do anything possible to dent the image of the star.

So many pop musicians where accused as members of the society. The musicians in the rumour book of Illuminati are Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Jay Z, Rihanna and others. Who does not know what is going on in music industry today? One musician wants to make more money than the other and this can make the person that fail to cook a story against the successful. Their belonging into the so called secret cult is just a mere story. If you are a good Christian and do not like their music, get your eyes off them and pray for them instead of spreading something which you do know much about. I repeat, just pray for God to touch their hearts if the music they are playing does not make sense. I know God can do all things.

The president of the world power is accused as an Illuminati member. I want to let you know that many are not happy with that position that young man is occupying. There are many that contested for that position but failed. Do you think they are happy for losing such a precious position? They fuel the rumor that Obama is Illuminati just to tarnish his reputation. Also, there are many people who hate America with passion and such people can do anything to dent the image of United State of America. It is better to forget any accusation against President Obama because the accusation is also political.


Many have been deceived and some others scammed from people that claim they are Illiminati. These deceits are mostly through the internet. I want to say that everybody needs to be wise. This articled pointed out the accusations laid against some persons in the name of the so called Illuminati. The accused include the pope, President Obama and pop musicians. The piece strong believes that Illuminti is not real in the present world.

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