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Updated on February 20, 2017

your thoughts and deeds

were lost on me

it was death that I was trying to pull you back from

the death of you

the death of me

and now its only we that greave

the loss of life it s not

but loss of limb

something that I tried to warn you about

as you soaked in the sin

transgressions and lies

sprinkled my fares

and had you noticed

even once

that I was there

trickled and tickled and playfully sneezed

lost everything you tried for

and nothing you believe

still making movies

plain as to see

after picking the fruit

ripe from my tree

dangled and diddled

wondering scheme

what's next to be laid out

beautiful me

trembled and shook

the lives that you took

ignoring the fumes

of your famous


lost in and lucked out

veritably scorned



struggling under its cord

your a dragon, a leper

disease for the taking

sickened and soaked in

opposing forces hearts aching

if only it were...

I shutter to think

imagine the plot and for once it might sink

in through hard shells

we've been trying to crack

but what's to be mourned

is that warning

you let trickle off of your back

I tried and I scratched

any harder and id break

you were the one that id die for

now id kill to stay away

poisonous liquid

seep through my skin

no longer


will you be allowed in

sand at the gate where many hearts have lain heavy

and admire the nothing

that you shall have with me

you thought I was stuck

didn't you know it was choice

I have ball fucking power

and pray you never hear my voice

its shattered the lives

of ridiculous men

who thought only of themselves

beg you never see the way I sin

timid and lost you think of me

calculating in my way

never understood the ones

who couldn't see what's inside me

your effect on me is gone

a stranger in this place

inside darkened forest

its you who was erased

complete within myself

silence is the key

never a man upon this earth

will ever again

eat the best fruit from my trees.

shy away ghost.....


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    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 4 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

      thank you mikie :)

    • mikielikie profile image

      mikielikie 4 years ago from Texas

      Hello lady! This is an awesome poem. I love the feel of it. A little dark...I like that. As always, you rock!! Voted up up up and awesome!