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Iznogoud Book List

Updated on September 19, 2014

Iznougoud Books

The Iznogoud books are a series of cartoon stories set in ancient Baghdad, revolving around the ridiculously convoluted plans of the evil Grand Vizier, Iznogoud, to remove the reigning Caliph, Haroun Al Plassid, and to become Caliph himself; plans which include trying to involve the Caliph in a skiing accident in the desert, fixing the election by using a magician to influence voting, trying to get the Caliph lost on the road to nowhere and attempting to make the Caliph disappear using a time machine.

Iznogoud was invented by Rene Goscinny (famous for also authoring the Asterix Books) and Jean Tabary and appeared originally in French and translated into English later.

These amusing stories, that are already translated into English, are listed on this lens with notes about the tales within each volume and links to other interesting Iznogoud items.

Were You Aware Of The Iznogoud Books?

Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud
Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud

Have you heard of the Iznogoud books before?

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Book 1. The Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud

In The Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud the evil Grand Vizier attempts to dethrone the Caliph in a series of ludicrous plots which include attempting to change him into a toad, getting him to drink a hot beverage which will make him float away, transporting him to the stone age using a time machine and using a magic cup to transpose his mind into someone else's body.

This is a very amusing introduction into Iznogoud's fantastic and over-complicated schemes.

The Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud
The Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud

This volume contains six Iznogoud stories:

*Kissmet *Mesmer-eyezed

*The Occidental Philtre *The Time Machine

*The Picnic *Chop and Change


Book 2. Iznogoud; The Caliph's Vacation

The four stories in The Caliph's Vacation all revolve around Iznogoud taking the Caliph on various vacations in order to eliminate him and become Caliph himself. Particularly hopeless in its execution is Iznogoud's attempt to send the Caliph on a cruise that will not return, instead Iznogoud shares the Caliph's tour of a series of islands inhabited by hungry natives and monsters.

This book contains some of the funniest and most hapless of Iznogoud's schemes to be rid of the Caliph. Read my review of The Caliph's Vacation.

The Caliph's Vacation (Iznogoud)
The Caliph's Vacation (Iznogoud)

The stories in this volume are:

Summer vacationGood Sports in the CaliphateThe Caliph's CruiseLihkwid's Bottle


Book 3. Iznogoud And The Day Of Misrule

Iznogoud and the Day of Misrule contains four silly stories where, once again, there are preposterous plots planned to rid Baghdad of its benevolent Caliph. Perhaps the funniest is an election where only the Caliph can vote which results in some magical campaigning.

This volume contains some real laugh-out-loud moments and is typically well-drawn.

Iznogoud and the Day of Misrule
Iznogoud and the Day of Misrule

There are 4 stories in this volume:

The Day of Misrule, The Challenge, The Labyrinth, Elections in the Caliphate


Book 4. Iznogoud And The Magic Computer

Iznogoud and the Magic Computer contains five more funny but pathetic attempts to dethrone the Caliph, including an attempt that was doomed from the start in "The Road to Nowhere" - a story which contains my favourite joke explaining the need for toll booths.

This is a great volume and contains a joke that stuck in my head for over 20 years!

Iznogoud and the Magic Computer
Iznogoud and the Magic Computer

The tales in this volume are:

A Calculated RiskThe Road To NowhereThe Golden HandshakeThe Caliph's SceptreThe Mysterious Ointment


Book 5. A Carrot For Iznogoud

A Carrot for Iznogoud contains four more stories set in the days of ancient Baghdad. This collection includes a tale of the Caliph's quest to make Iznogoud "good", a visit by Martians and some trouble with an ambassador's gift.

Iznogoud fans will find plenty of silly puns and ridiculous plans to enjoy.

A Carrot for Iznogoud
A Carrot for Iznogoud

The Iznogoud tales contained within this volume are:

A Carrot For IznogoudMagic-FictionIznogoud On Thin IceTried And Tsetsed


Book 6. Iznogoud And The Magic Carpet

Iznogoud and the Magic Carpet contains four more daft schemes to dethrone the benevolent Caliph including a visit to China and a scheme to disguise the monarch as a beggar that backfires.

Fans of Iznogoud will not be disappointed with this collection of stupid attempts to become Caliph.

Iznogoud and the Magic Carpet
Iznogoud and the Magic Carpet

The short stories contained in volume number six are:

The Magic CarpetIncognitoThe Tiger HuntThe Box of Souvenirs


Book 7. Iznogoud The Infamous

Iznogoud The Infamous is five more crazy stories of how not to become Caliph, including a voodoo doll and mixed up hairs, an ever decreasing supply of magical water and getting trapped in an amusing advertisement.

Iznogoud The Infamous contains some fun characters, some amusing puns and more great schemes to laugh at.

Book 8. Iznogoud Rockets To Stardom

Iznogoud Rockets to Stardom contains five new schemes of the Grand Vizier to depose the Caliph. This time the plans include blasting the Caliph into space in a rocket, an amulet which makes dreams come true, a hat which makes the wearer go mad and a magic pencil.

Iznogoud Rockets to Satrdom is yet another funny collection of stories that will please fans.

Book 9. The Grand Vizier Iznogoud

The Grand Vizier Iznogoud provides fans with six more utterly stupid schemes to be rid of the Caliph full of silly puns and wonderful illustrations. The plans, this time, include war with the Mongol Horde, using a Caliph lookalike, a Genie and a funny visit to neighboring Sultan Pullmankar.

The Grand Vizier Iznogoud contains some more amusing tales, lots of fun characters and one particularly neat little reference to the authors.

The Grand Vizier Isngoud (Iznogoud)
The Grand Vizier Isngoud (Iznogoud)

This installment contains six more daft stories:

The GenieOfficial TripThe Strong-Arm MenThe HordeA LookalikeThe Giant's Island


Book 10: Iznogoud The Relentless

Iznogoud the Relentless
Iznogoud the Relentless

In Baghdad the Magnificent, everything is for sale. You can buy goods from all around the world, as well as charms, spells and enchanted items. If you have the gold, you can find anything-even what you need to become Caliph instead of the Caliph. Of course, buying it doesn't mean you know how to use it properly, as the despicable Grand Vizier finds out again and again...

This title is currently available for pre-order. I am waiting for mine to arrive as soon as it is released!


Iznogoud Cartoon Introduction Video Clip

This is the introduction sequence for the English language version of the television cartoon series of Iznogoud.

If you want to see more of this cartoon just click here: Iznogoud video clips.

Iznogoud In The French Language - The Original Text

The Iznogoud stories were originally written in French by Rene Goscinny and drawn by Jean Tabary. After the death of Goscinny, Tabary continued the series alone, again in his native tongue; French.

Whilst the translation of the Iznogoud into English is an ongoing project, there are over 20 books available in French. Use this Amazon search tool below to view them.

Iznogoud French Language Links

Iznogoud Books on Amazon
Iznogoud Books on Amazon

La Page Non Officielle d'IznogoudLots of interesting stuff about Iznogoud.Jean TabaryUnofficial website about Jean Tabary, artist of - IznogoudIznogoud on the official website of Rene Goscinny.

Have you ever read any of the Iznogoud books? What did you think? If you have any comments on the Iznogoud books or this lens please leave them here.

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    • Mistl profile image

      Mistl 6 years ago

      Never read the comic books, but did watch some of the cartoons and they are quite humorous. :D

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Trying to arrange a skiing accident in the desert is just the sort of thing that appeals to my sense of humour!