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Janet Dailey Americana book Series

Updated on March 3, 2012

Book Series

Janet Dailey is one of the most prolific and popular romance authors writing today. She started out as a secretary, but she wanted to be a writer since she was a child. She wrote her first romance while working with her husband in his construction business. Soon she and her husband sold the business and hit the road. It was while traveling with their travel trailer that she got the idea to write her series. She set a book in each of the 50 states with her husband helping her to research each place.

Below is a list of the titles with full descriptions and the name of the state where they are based. All the titles are in the Harlequin Presents line, I have also included the book number. I am slowly re-reading all the books and when I do I will add additional details in bold.

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Surely heartbreak doesn't last forever, Casey thought. It was ironic, actually, because Casey hadn't wanted Flint McCallister to manage the ranch at all. Her hostility had been open. Now, here she was contemplating a world without him as if it were the end of time. For Flint had made it perfectly clear when he said, "Casey, can't you get it through your head that I don't want you here!" Casey’s father will be in the hospital for several weeks. Flint is a well respected rancher who comes to help, but she wants to manage the ranch herself.



"Don't you want to tell me how much you love and adore me and how you can hardly wait to marry me?" Coley asked mockingly.' "I was so looking forward to that part." Even though her own heart was breaking, she could still derive pleasure watching the angry scowl on Jason's face. How upsetting for him and his plans for the Slash S ranch that Coley wasn't falling into his arms as he had thought she would!



“You’ve taken the world on your shoulders.” Zachary’s voice was a soft, caressing whisper that was oddly soothing and hypnotic. “You’ve make Chris your sole responsibility and refuse help from everyone. Haven’t you ever wanted anyone to take care of you?” As much as she wanted to, Alison couldn’t admit any such feelings to him. She felt curiously vulnerable, unable to handle the gentleness Zachary was displaying. How she feared he would break down her defenses.

Alison must be married to get custody of her young sister Chris from her aunt and uncle. She proposes to Zachary, who needs money to expand his vineyard in California. It will be a marriage of convenience , money for Zachary, custody for Alison. Alison and her sister go to live in Napa with Zachary at his vineyard. Zachary knew of her before they met, he thought she had lead a friend of his to suicide.



"Why don't you just admit you're homesick for the excitement of city life and stop trying to kid both of us?" Lije snapped. "I told you even before the subject of marriage was brought up how much this ranch meant to me. I love you, Diana, but I would never give it up, even for you." Diana had to admit to herself that she had known this. Or had she subconsciously hoped that some day she might be able to persuade him differently?



"Sometimes it can be like that between two people," Rob said calmly. Cathie's eyes glittered with anger as she studied the man standing so arrogantly over her--Rob Douglas, new owner of the home so precious to her. After turning her world upside down and making all her firmly held beliefs vanish with one fiery kiss, he acted as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She mustn't let herself fall in love with him.



"You are still legally my wife," Rad pointed out bluntly. "All I'm asking is that you resume those duties once more." Lainie stared at him. What a fool she had been not to accept his previous offer. But that refusal had been dictated by her pride, and now need had replaced pride. What frightened Lainie was that she still loved him. She was beginning to wonder if she had ever stopped! .

Her father has died, there is little money and her mother is very ill. Their marriage started to go bad when she got jealous of his secretary. She goes with him on business trip, but he doesn’t let his wife go. So Lainie moves all his things into the guest room while he is away and he never moves back in. She starts to see her friends more and more. Back when he proposed, he said he was not sure if she should be his wife of his mistress.

The marriage is going bad, but when she asks for a divorce, he reacts badly. He sends for an employee who is willing to swear they had an affair. Rad says the only way she will get a divorce is through him accusing her of adultery. He has a dozen men willing to say they had an affair, none of it is true, but he is ruthless. They meet up accidentally and Rad finds out about her mother being ill, he offers to raise her allowance, but he is insulting, so she refuses. He later offers to raise her allowance, through his lawyer, but she is upset and refuses. But soon her mother needs expensive treatment to ease her death and it is very expensive. So she has to agree to his terms.



Laurie read the caption beneath the news paper picture. "Hotel owner and entrepreneur Rian Montgomery seen escorting the rising young newcomer LaRaine Evans at a recent Hollywood party." Laurie tried to be glad that Rian and LaRaine were together again, but she couldn't forget how his dark eyes had looked at her, sparking the flame of desire that punctuated the time they spent together. It might as well have been yesterday that she had left him, so sharp and fresh was the pain of her love.



"I forgot, Amanda--" Jarod's dark eyes mocked her as he spoke "--you're wrapped up in those romantic notions about husbands and wives and the happily-ever-afters." But Amanda kept her secret fear that some day all this happiness must end firmly pushed to the back of her mind. She was determined that the days, weeks or months spent with Jarod would be heaven. Because she knew that living without him would be agony.



"You will do as your father wishes," Roarke stated in a very quiet and very firm tone. He gave her a little shove. Tisha was defeated and she knew it. One glance at her father showed the glimmer of respect in his eyes for the strong authority in Roarke's voice. The direction of her tongue-lashing vas equally divided between the two men. "I think both of you are disgusting with your high handed arrogant male airs! I'm leaving because I can't stand the sight of either of you!" Tisha’s father is very controlling so she moves in with her Aunt Blanche. She meets Roarke when he almost crashes into her car.



“ I don’t blame you for hating me at first.” Jake said. “After all, I forced you to marry me. But you do see why I had to tell you all this, don’ you? You’ve been so honest with me that I had to be the same with you.” Tanya’s heart sank. Honest! The word kept haunting her. Her supposed honesty was the one thing he admired about her. She couldn’t possibly tell him the truth now. If she did his love for her would be shattered forever!

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"You didn't actually think you were the only girl Barrett was seeing, did you?" Marshall jeered. "He's just been seeing you because he felt some misguided sense of responsibility toward you." Dani never doubted that Marshall knew what he was talking about. Information like that was his specialty. Dani had been slow to realize that she was in love with Barrett King. Now the futility of that love swept over her. How could she face the rest of her life without him?

Dani Williams has horse racing in her blood. Her happiest moment are spent with her beloved thoroughbreds, even though she has to put up with the annoying teasing of a race track expert, Barrett King. But Dani's father fears that her femininity is being undermined by days spent in this predominantly male world. He decrees that she take up modeling and learn to become a lady. To her surprise, Dani enjoys her new profession, particularly the company of her mentor, Marshall Thompsen. Can she really put her love for horses-and her attraction for Barrett King-behind her?



Her resignation was typed and ready. But Joan was strangely reluctant to submit it to Brandt. Her resolve that she was doing the right thing hadn't wavered, but Brandt's unexplained actions raised hopes that she couldn't entirely shrug aside, then everything changed with Brandt's words. "Miss Somers," he said curtly, "I'm prepared to accept your resignation. And please make it clear to the agency that this time I want someone older, and married. Someone I can rely on not to be carried away by ridiculous flights of fanciful imagination!



At their first meeting Elizabeth had thought Jed Carrel insulting and arrogant, though she couldn't ignore the turbulent emotions his kiss had aroused. But she had been only seventeen then and about to marry his brother, Jeremy. Then Jed had set off to live his own life abroad. Elizabeth was a mature woman now--and a widow. Jed had unexpectedly returned. Why? "As a woman," Jed's voice was caressing, "you're even more desirable than you were as a girl." All Elizabeth's earlier feelings of inexperience came flooding back. How could she possibly cope with him? Elizabeth was married only a short time. Jeremy died in plane crash before she knew she was pregnant with Amy. They live with mother in law. Amy is 8 years old and Jed has suddenly returned home.



Susan took her engagement to Warren Sullivan seriously. He was handsome, rich and in love with her. Perhaps things were a little humdrum between them. But not until that insufferable Mitch Braden came along did doubts enter her mind. Certainly there were none of the sparks that shimmered between her and Mitch—even though his attitude infuriated her. “I haven’t time to play fair,” he warned .The sooner Mitch took himself off again the better! But …did she really want him to go?

Susan and Warren are out to dinner and Mitch comes over to tell Warren how beautiful his date is. Susan lives with her family, which includes a doctor father. When Mitch is hurt on the track he recovers at her home, (her entire family likes him).



Jenny had naively succumbed to one man’s charms—and had been bitterly disillusioned. Then, seeking refuge with her sister ,Sheila, in Wyoming’s ski country, she ran from one disastrous situation to another! Determined to protect her sister from a similar fate, Jenny tried to wrest Sheila from the clutches of wealthy, dangerous attractive Logan Taylor—only to fall in love with him herself. But Logan was not a man to be defied. He kept saying, “in the end, Jenny Glenn, you will yield….”Jenny had come to help her sister with her children and job. Jenny thinks Logan is involved with her sister, but her sister is really involved with an poor artist.

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Leah was reluctant to leave the mountain site where their plane had crashed for the hostile desert beyond. "We could die out there," she argued. But Reilly was part Indian, and she discovered that her strong, resourceful companion could survive in primitive conditions with relative little hardship. Perhaps this was his attraction to her. This, and the intimacy of their isolated situation. But, would their return to civilization, as he predicted, diminish the special bond between them? Leah lives in Las Vegas and works in a bank. She wants to go to Austin, Nevada to surprise her brother on his birthday. She paid for half the charter cost. Reilly comes 2 hours late and they fly into a storm. Grady, the pilot dies.



“Lucky at cars, unlucky in love.” Tell’s words as they left the casino brought the haunted look back into Andrea’s eyes. The skiing holiday in Squaw Valley was all she’d hoped for. And he had totally ignored the warning voices that cautioned her to stay away from Tell Stafford. A lot of girls indulged in harmless flirtations. Why shouldn’t she? But Andra and Tell had fallen deeply in love, and now it was too late. Andrea knew that if she revealed her terrible secret, everything would change. 3 years before her fiance jilted her, her dad died and her mom died just before that. She ended up marrying a family friend, just platonically and is still married when she meets Tell.



Brandy's encounter with Jim Corbett in the Arizona desert had been like a scene from a movie. But somehow the plot had gone all wrong. "Regardless of what you've seen in films," someone tried to tell her, "the ingenue rarely ends up in the hero's arms. You're being used!" Brandy tried to tell herself that she didn't care. But it wasn't true. It didn't matter how crazy she was to have fallen in love with a famous actor, it wasn't something she could change .

Brandy's horse is spooked by gun shot and he runs away leaving her in the desert. No one knows she is missing and she wanders around until she sees a campfire. Jim is not welcoming and she thinks he might be cattle rustler, but he catches her and makes her stay. The next day they are caught in a sandstorm. Once they are rescued she is teaseD about being alone with a movie star. Brandy feels he made a fool of her and wants nothing to do with him..



“It doesn’t matter what else you do,”Riordan’s mouth twisted into a cold smile. , “but don’t be a fool and marry her!” Riordan had made his disapproval of Kerry, his brother’s fiancée, quite obvious. Yet Jill, Kerry’s roommate, was determined to do anything she could to help her friend. Even if it meant setting a trap for Riordan. Jill was beautiful; she could have any man she wanted. But when Jill challenged him, Riordan turned the tables on her.

Riordon doesn’t trust city women. His mother couldn’t stand living on the ranch of his father. So she moved to Helena with her sons. Riordan couldn’t stand being away from the ranch and ran away several times. Kerry and Jill go to stay on the ranch for a while. Jill does try to trick Riordan, but can’t go through with it and leaves. She comes back at Christmas time when she realizes he will be alone.



Samantha's experience with men as the daughter of tycoon Reuben Gentry had been disillusioning. But she'd gone willingly to Chris Andrews's home miles from anywhere on an island in the St. Lawrence, expecting her father to join her there. Suddenly she realized she was subtly, but surely, being held prisoner there. Were Chris's calls to her father about ransom? Was he really Chris Andrews? Samantha knew she had to escape. But the thought of never seeing Chris--or whoever he was--again, filled her with desolation.

Samantha had been engaged but he was more interested in her dad than her. She is working and Chris comes to her office and says he’s her dad’s assistant and her dad wants her to join him on vacation in upstate New York. When she gets there she finds out Chris isn’t who he says he is, He seems to have a few identities and he won’t let her off the island. There are a couple of other people there and they won’t let her go either.



Tension grew between them, angering Alanna "Hate me if you want." The grooves near Rolt's mouth deepened sardonically. "But you will be mine--in every way!" Alanna gasped with surprise. Rot's boldness was unbelievable. He knew that she was in love with Kurt. How could he have the audacity to claim his brother's girl? Well, this was one time the arrogant, egotistical Rolt Matthews wouldn't get what he wanted, Alanna thought defiantly. She just wouldn't cooperate. No matter what he said, Rolt couldn't make her marry him against her will . . . .



Kathleen Darrow has come to answer an ad as companion to 2 young, almost teenage girls. The girl’s father, Jordan Long, instantly has doublts about the new applicant—far too young to be suitable; he was still a young man himself, and surely people would talk. When the girls’ powers of persuasion win out, Kathleen finds herself caught between the handsome father’s reluctance to have an attractive young woman on his payroll and his daughters’ secret determination to turn their new companion into their new mother!

Kathleen is a nurse who feels she is in a rut. When she goes to the interview she finds the girls themselves conduct it. Jordan works for an oil company and is away a lot. The girls manipulate their aunt and dad to get Kathleen hired.



"I do still love you and want you back again." Jonas's gaze roamed possessively over Bridges upturned face. "So don't think I've given up, because I haven't." She gasped at his audacity. How dared he come back as if nothing had ever happened? She thought of her struggle to rebuild her world without him in the small Vermont town--the placid, comfortable life she'd finally achieved. He wanted her back, did he? Well, he could just think again. Jonas had walked out of her life ten years ago, and she wasn't going to let him walk back into it!



Pride had blinded her to the truth! Patty King knew it was foolish to cherish any feelings she'd had for Lije Masters- now married to someone else. She didn't need the arrogant Morgan Kincaid to tell her. It was none of his business anyway. She resented Morgan but couldn't ignore him. He seemed to have appointed himself her personal counselor, watchdog and conscience. Sparks flew every time they met. It was a long time before she learned that Morgan's concern was based on love. And by then, Patty was able to give a much more appropriate response!



Gina's face grew pale with shock It couldn't be Rhyder. Not after all these years. But there was no mistaking the tall, darkly tanned figure moving menacingly nearer. Like a child, a young, naive Gina had once worshipped Rhyder Owens. But her desire for him, even then, had been like a woman's. Gina was older now, an intelligent, sophisticated lawyer. Yet she felt the waves of panic rising inside her. "Why did you have to come back to Maine?" she protested in angry despair. "I don't want you here. All I want to do is forget." Rhyder's narrowed blue eyes raked her body chillingly. "You couldn't possibly have forgotten that you are my wife!"

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Selena Merrick anticipated having a pleasant vacation in New Orleans. She was even lighthearted enough to joke with a group of conventioneers who mistakenly thought she was a lady of the night. Chance Barkley, however, overhearing Selena’s foolish words about the fees she supposedly charged, took her seriously and insisted on hiring her services. Selena managed to escape him, but when they met again on board a Mississippi steamboat she knew her luck had run out…..



"To hell with the rules!" Cole said.His smile was mocking. "We've been here together for only one day and we're already on the verge of breaking rule number one--no sex." Crimson flamed through Lacey's cheeks. Why had she involved herself in this situation? Why had she agreed to share the beach house with Cole? She must have been crazy! She was crazy to stay with him, Lacey toil herself. But she just couldn't leave. She was dangerously, irresistibly attracted to Cole--and they both knew it!



"I went through hell to return to you!" Dina was overcome by guilt when she heard her husband's words. But she couldn't welcome him back with open arms. Blade had been missing in the South American jungle for two years; she had believed he was dead. When he made his dramatic reappearance, she had just become engaged to his best friend. The years had changed her. Blake's savage fight for survival had turned him into a primitive stranger. How could they make their marriage work again?



Her scheme brought unexpected results! Lisa believed that Slade Blackwell was systematically embezzling her aunt's money. But she needed proof. Lisa figured out a way to get it. The only problem was that it involved wearing a disguise and adopting a different role. And the deeper she delved, the harder it became to adjust her real life to the other. Then fate played a cruel trick on Lisa. She fell hopelessly in love with Slade. But she was caught in a web of lies--lies that threatened to destroy her happiness!



"I don't care why you came back." Maggie's eyes flashed angrily as she added, "You're the father of my son--but that's all. I divorced you five years ago because I wanted you out of my life. I don't want you now!" It was a lie. The divorce hadn't stopped Maggie from loving Wade. Only pride kept her from admitting it. And pride made her contain her curiosity about Wade's return. He'd said he merely wanted to visit their son, Mike. But Maggie secretly feared there was something more ....



“Is it really me you want? ” Jessica asked. She tried to pull away from Brodie. It was suddenly very necessary to think clearly. Jessica’s meeting with Brodie Hayes after so many years was accidental, yet devastating. The Brodie she remembered had been a poor young man from the wrong part of town. And he had pursued her older sister unsuccessfully. Now Brodie was a rich, powerful businessman welcome anywhere. Jessica couldn’t help but respond to his overwhelming charm but could she be sure his interest in her was genuine? She didn’t intend to be a substitute! Brodie has a habit of setting her a lot of presents which makes her uncomfortable. Her sister and husband come to visit and meet Brodie, Jessica is worried that Brodie still wants her sister.



Are you admiring the view?" he asked. "Yes," LaRaine agreed without turning. She didn't want Travis McCrea to see the brightness of the unshed tears in her eyes. "It's a vast, beautiful .... " The lie stuck in her throat. She couldn't find anything beautiful about this desolate country. ". . . Nothing," she finished with cold, blatant truthfulness. "You could be right." Travis considered her reply. LaRaine felt his gaze on her. Heat rushed through her body as she realized he was applying the description to her instead of the land--a beautiful nothing!



Julie Lancaster thought her new job was perfect. She had a gracious employer, a charming teenager to teach, and best of all, the splendid beauty of Hawaii. Then Ruel Chandler came on the scene. Her pupil’s brother and head of the household, he was aloof, indifferent, bored with women. Yet something in Julie reached out to him no matter how hard she tried to deny it. Ruel stirred a flame in her. Could she resist, or would she lose everything—her job, her new home, herself….?



Newpaper reporter, Lexie Templeton, didn’t need to meet Rome Lockwood to know his type—a male chauvinist playboy with a different girl on his arm every night! Lexie’s caustic comments to Shari Sullivan, the gossip columnist, hit the headlines, and Rome Lockwood came storming into the office looking for Lexie and revenge. With fire in his eyes, Rome challenged her to stand by her feminist views. And Lexie accepted the challenge, never dreaming that the sparks had only begun to fly.

Lexie and Shari were just gossiping and Lexie said that Rome finds safety in numbers because he isn’t man enough to keep one woman satisfied. Shari publishes it without asking her. Rome comes looking for her. They have an argument and she says he won’t accept a woman’s invitation and let her pay. She asks him out expecting him to refuse, but he shocks her by accepting .Lexie is cynical about men because her father. He has been married and engaged many times and she thinks Rome is like him.



Valerie Wentworth had paid dearly for the mistakes she’d made as a passionate girl. Turned out of her grandfather’s house, she had raised Tadd, her son, all alone. Now, after 7 years, she had returned home for her grandfather’s funeral—even though it meant confronting Judd Prescott again. Judd…who didn’t know he was Tadd’s father. The man was more compellingly attractive than ever—but if Valerie had learned one thing it was to stay away from Judd Prescott. If only Judd would stay away from her!

Judd lived next door to her grandfather. Valerie had been pretty wild as a child, she smoked and stole money. She was a trial to her grandfather and when she said she was pregnant it was the last straw. She would not tell him who the father was because she didn’t want a shotgun wedding, so he got disgusted and kicked her out.



Mara had locked her feelings awy. Aloof, cold as ice—that was Mara Prentiss. And she felt she had every reason to be that way. Her father’s infidelity had killed her mother. That’s why love leads to , Mara thought. Mara hated her father, Adam, but she looked after him out of duty. When he became friends with the striking, persuasive Sinclair Buchanan, a tenant on Mara’s land, she was incensed. When Sinclair begain his campaign to unfreeze Mara’s bitter heart, she was tempted. But she had no intention of falling in love. Surely she was above stooping to that!



City sophisticate and country girl, Jonni was both. She'd never really given up her love for country living--but now she was a fashion model in New York. Her fiance, Trevor, fitted in with her glamorous city life-style. Gabe Stockman, however, was decidedly different. And meeting him again at her parents' ranch in Kansas, Jonni was suddenly swept with doubt and uncertainty. It was a difficult choice: the elegant, well-mannered man she was engaged to, or the earthy, vital ranchman who felt Jonni belonged in the country--and in his arms.



Kit and her grandfather managed the Flying Eagle Ranch. For years they’d been doing it without interference from its long line of mostly absentee owners. Now the newest heir, Baron Reese Talbot, had come to look over his inheritance. He has some different ideas—and they went beyond the running of the ranch! He wanted to teach Kit how to be a woman. But she wouldn’t let him ruin her the way the old baron had ruined her mother. Kit was ready to fight



Barbara was not prepared for the shock awaiting her when her fiancé , Todd, took her on holiday to his family’s ranch. All the heartache of her brief affair with Jock Malloy surfaced again as she discovered that not only was he the owner of the ranch, he was Todd’s half brother. Not even Todd could protect her from Jock’s renewed assault on her battered and confused emotions. Knowing and loving Jock as she did, how could she ever be a proper wife to Todd?



The perfect way to ruin a holiday...Victoria Beaumont was looking forward to relaxing on Mackinac island at the family's summer home. But all thoughts of relaxing fled when she discovered that her father, Charles, had invited Dirk Ramsey. His ruthless newspaper articles threatened to damage Charles's political career. Perhaps if Dirk got to know the Beaumonts better he would change his views. Victoria didn't want to know him better. True, Dirk Ramsey was the most attractive man she'd ever met--but any interest he showed in her was purely for the sake of journalism!



He was a man with a heart of marble. Until the day of her job interview , when his totally emotionless eyes fastened on her, Deborah hadn’t believed anyone could be as cold and hard as Zane Wilding. He was the most demanding boss she’d ever had, and was also the most ruthless in his personal life. His good looks didn’t make up for the inhuman iciness with which he treated even his wife. But by the time Deborah learned the real facts behind Zane’s behavior, it was already too late to stop her headlong plunge into love. Zane’s wife is an hopeless alcoholic, she had always been unstable, but the death of their son a few years ago put her over the edge. Eventually she has to be committed.



Brock was adamant that his life style and Stephanie’s would never allow a relationship to grow. He was constantly traveling and led a sophisticated, jet-set existence. Stephanie was happy in her work at the quiet New Hampshire inn. Stephanie had heart about Brock Canfield long before she met him. Her brother had warned her that Brock would break her heart. But in spite of Brock’s stand and the fact that her brother’s warning seemed to be coming true, Stephanie loved Brock. And she knew she was powerless to change that. Stephanie’s brother, Perry, runs the inn where she works as a bookkeeper. Brock is the absentee owner.



"I don't like him and I never will." Petra's words concerning Dane Kingston proved mistaken as time passed. For he could both enrage and arouse her by turns. Petra had worked hard to achieve the equality she had with the male cameramen. Even if Dane was the show's producer, he had no right to destroy her relationship with the crew. But she still couldn't resist his rugged attractiveness, nor ignore the fact that his well-publicized affair with the show's star, Ruby Gale, filled her with jealousy!

Petra is one of 4 cameramen for the special. She and Dane met during an earlier special, when he didn’t know she was a cameraman and yells at her for playing with the camera. She proceeded to yell back at him, so their relationship is stormy.



Could Glenna bargain with a man like Jett? For her father’s sake , Glenna Reynolds felts she had to try. The government was going to shut down her father’s coal mine anyway—the only chance was a merger with Jett Coulson’s huge conglomerate, Coulson Mining. She found Jett Coulson devastatingly attractive, but a tough businessman. And he wasn’t interested in absorbing Reynold’s losses. “it would have been easy if you’d suggested a merger with you.” He told Glenna. In spite of his cool, emotionless arrogance, somehow Glenna was tempted by the proposition!

Glenna's father can’t afford to pay for new safety equipment so the mine is shut down. Eventually Jett gets the mine and while installing safety equipment, some miners are trapped. Including a good friend of Glenna, Jett thinks they are more than good friends.



Lara Cochran had once been a happy bride. Then Trevor, her charming husband, had turned to other women. Divorce was unheard of in Lara’s family, but she didn’t’ want one anyway. One disastrous marriage was enough; she was not safely immune from men—all men. Or so she thought until she met Rans MacQuade, the rugged and virile manager of her father’s Mississippi plantation. But she knew she couldn’t let herself get carried away. For that would mean making some dramatic, unwanted changes in her life…..



She'd known his type right from the start. When Charley Collins needed a cowboy for her Idaho ranch, she had no choice but to hire Shad Russell. He was a drifter and a loner--and undeniably attractive. Falling in love with a man like Shad would be asking for heartache."It's a fine life you lead, "she told him, "but it would be terrible for the girl foolish enough to think she could change you. " "And you aren't a fool, " he replied. No, she wasn't a fool, Charley told herself. Bur that was before he kissed her ....



Now she could make her dreams come true. Edie Gibbs stared at the check in her hand. She'd never imagined that the inventions Joe worked on during their eighteen years of marriage would provide a windfall after his death. Actually, she had only one dream: to own a ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota. And now, she could. But it wasn't quite that simple. Her new ranch was a run-down wreck, and her neighbor, arrogant local rancher Will Maddock, made every encounter a battle. Sours dream, Edie told herself.



Had her love crashed with Rick's plane? Shannon was ecstatic at the prospect of joining Rick in Alaska. They'd waited so long, but now he'd found a pilot's job and they could be married. Her hopes faded, though, after her arrival in Anchorage. Rick wasn't there. His apartment had been rented to someone else. Panicky and confused, Shannon sought help through Cody Steele, Rick's supposed employer. Shannon feared for Rick's safety and prayed he'd be found soon...before her love faded; before she succumbed to Cody's captivating charm.



Annette couldn’t resist introducing herself to Josh Lord, the strikingly attractive owner of the resort where she was vacationing. In her utterly confident manner, she assumed he’d be more than pleased to know her. His cool amusement came as a surprise to her—and a decided challenge. Obviously he was used to having women seek him out. Well, so much the better! A holiday flirtation was all she intended. But she soon discovered she’d taken on far more than she could handle.

Annette is a college student staying at the resort with her family for a month. She eventually has a fight with Josh and to spite him goes to a motel with a waiter named Craig to lose her virginity. She has a history with her sister of manipulating events, so when her sister, Marsha, goes to Josh to warn him he doesn’t believe her at first. But it ends up with Craig, Annette, Marsha, Josh and Annette’s father in a motel room fighting.



Luck , the man with the blue, blue eyes, had called Eve “a little brown mouse.” Unfortunately, it was true. Eve had always thought of herself as a very nondescript “plain Jane” type. Born and bred in small-town Wisconsin, Eve used to wonder if love would ever find her. Then she met Luck McClure again…..She found herself falling helplessly in love with him, but did he share the feeling? More likely he was just looking for a practical, ordinary mother for his little son, Toby.

Eve lives with her parents in a small town. She is walking home from choir practice when she bumps into Luck in front of a tavern. He had been drinking and calls her a brown mouse. He tries to talk to her but she runs away. The day is the 6 year anniversary of his wife’s death and he drank out of morning.

Janet Dailey on Amazon


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    • DrBillSmithWriter profile image

      William Leverne Smith 6 years ago from Hollister, MO

      A number of years ago my wife and I owned a copy of nearly every book Janet Dailey wrote... now, we live a few miles from her home... unrelated factoids. Thanks for a neat lens... ;-)


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