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January: Book Blitz Month

Updated on August 21, 2014

Book Blitz Month is in January

January is Book Blitz Month. There is not too much information about it. It seems to have begun as a book promotional idea of a public relations executive to help improve not only the sales of books by the author but, as a means of creating a closer relationship between the author, the media and his or her readers.

This lens is dedicated to one of my favorite authors; the original V.C. Andrews, one of the worlds most profound writers in my opinion. I've also included a book list of the V. C. Andrews books I like best.

A special thank you to Morguefile for photo use.

Dawn / Secrets of the Morning / Twilight's Child / Midnight Whispers
Dawn / Secrets of the Morning / Twilight's Child / Midnight Whispers

A VC Andrews book set to hold your interest and enjoy.


Book Blitz Month

...can also mean more to book lovers...

Book Blitz Month sounds like an interesting observation for the month of January. I think this is because it is so cold outdoors during the winter months and many people love to curl up with a good book. It might be a great time for authors to get to know more about the interests of their readers. However, it also sounds to me like a wonder reason to get in some more reading. If you enjoy reading, you might enjoy some of the same as I enjoy, so let me tell you more about the books I am appreciating during the month of January as well as everyday...

My Most Favorite V.C. Andrews Book - My Sweet Audrina - The Adare Novel

My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews is one of the best books I've ever read. It is the first V.C. Andrews tome I read and will always be one of my very favorites. If you love deep, dark, Goth tales and stories, you will love reading this book. It makes a great gift idea as well.

My Sweet Audrina
My Sweet Audrina

Amazon Product Details:

"Audrina wants to be as good as her sister. Her sister was so special, so perfect—and so dead."

"Beautifully written, macabre and thoroughly nasty!"

"Evocative of the nasty fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and The Babes in the Wood, with a bit of Victorian Gothic thrown in."


The Next Best V.C. Andrews Books - Flowers In the Attic - Dollanganger Series

If you enjoy reading My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews, then you should read some of her family sagas or family series. My favorite family saga of all V.C. Andrews series is the Dollanganger Series. It begins with the book, Flowers In the Attic

Flowers in the Attic
Flowers in the Attic

Flowers in the Attic is Spellbinding and Intriguing...


The Next Best V.C. Andrews Books - Garden of Shadows - Dollanganger Series

Most often you would read the other books in the Dollanganger Series as they are written by V.C. Andrews. I read them as they are as well. However, if I could do it all over again. I would read this book before reading the others. Garden of Shadows is a good book and one that helps to bring to light some of the nagging questions of the other books. Of course, you can read the others first and then read this one. But, this is the second in line from the Dollanganger Series. It tells more from the grandmothers perspective and helps you understand the story more than not.

Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger)
Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger)

This story is told from the time before Flowers in the Attic began...


V.C. Andrews Books I Love to Read - Petals on the Wind - Dollanganger Series

Another great book by V.C. Andrews to continue the tale of the Dollanganger family saga...

Petals on the Wind
Petals on the Wind

The Dollanganger family saga continues with Petals on the Wind...


I Love to Read V.C. Andrews Books - If There Be Thorns - Dollanganger Series

The Dollanganger family saga winds along in suspense with Flowers in the Attic, Petals on the Wind and then If There Be Thorns

If There Be Thorns
If There Be Thorns

The Dollanganger family saga continues with If There Be Thorns...


V.C. Andrews Books You will Enjoy - Seeds of Yesterday - Dollanganger Series

After reading all the other books in the Dollanganger Series the final haunting book will keep you sitting on the edge of your chair while reading Seeds of Yesterday...

Seeds of Yesterday (Dollanganger)
Seeds of Yesterday (Dollanganger)

V.C. Andrews has created the last dark chapter in the strange, chilling tale of passion and peril of the Dollanganger Series. The saga continues with Seeds of Yesterday...


Find More V. C. Andrews Books to Read - ...for Book Blitz Month and Everyday...

One of the best ways to get a great deal on V. C. Andrews books is to search for book lots or lots of books by V. C. Andrews on eBay...

Another Awesome V. C. Andrews Family Saga - The Casteel Series - Heaven, Fallen Hearts, Gates of Paradise, Dark Angel

These 4 V C Andrews books include the entire Casteel Series. Books include Heaven, Fallen Hearts, Gates of Paradise and Dark Angel. A tale of Heaven Casteel and her backwoods family. The stepmother runs off and leaves the children with their tyrant of a father. Heaven wants to leave but cannot leave behind the other children...

What Do You Think about January: Book Blitz Month? - Do You Like the Idea of January being Book Blitz Month?

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