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jello girl confesses

Updated on August 27, 2010
Love Equals Death
Love Equals Death

random info

- I wrote this for one of the members of Love Equals Death.

- Love Equals Death disbanded April 2009

- for more about LED check out their page on Fat Wreck

jello girl confesses – january 1, 2006

dissonant: the sound of that life sustaining organ in her chest
slow and steady: the heaving of her anxious breast
infatuation: envelops her trembling, apprehensive form
illogical desire: overthrowing every other thought has been the norm---since the first moment she laid eyes upon him.

“this will never be,” he says.
she cannot help but panic, then look away.
“you do not render me speechless, I am afraid,” he whispers this to her, beautiful however completely staid.

she replies, “the instant I saw you, I became a gelatinous mess.”
and she adds, “since then I have remained in a state of perpetual distress.
I felt compelled to divulge my humiliating secret to you,
In order for this torture to stop, to cease, discontinue.”

“has it ended?” he inquires.
“yes, my unrealistic hopes for us are ashen pyres.”

her cheeks flush pink, the nauseating storm in her stomach rages
she carefully recovers her calm in stages

they awkwardly embrace, then stumble in opposite directions.


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