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Joker x Slash Batman x Slash Videos

Updated on January 31, 2015
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a pansexual freelance writer who enjoys musing about her experiences.

Rev up your Harley!

Poor Joker (and the rest of the characters) never got any romantic favors from Warner Bros.He is always alone or paired up with the Harley. And although that is all well and good, fans want more. What about JokerxBatman, or BatmanxRobin, or one of my personal favorites, HarleyxIvy. These are couples chosen by the fans, and if you don't like slash you'd better run now. Because you just landed in pansexual wonderlandia, baby.

There will also be BatmanxCatwoman and all the other slashy fun I can lay my little paws on. I only have a week to meet the challenge, so don't expect a mammoth lens. Still if all goes well and fans like what they see I'll keep expanding.

Keep in mind there will be gay, straight and any other pairings that cross my path here. If you aren't gay positive, get to stepping. Some fans will recognize I brought some favorites over from my Joker lens, but I'll try to add lots of fresh stuff too. As always, enjoy!

PS Batman everything is protected by copyright. Just using what I have here for entertainment purposes only. Dolls are available via Amazon, see link below.


I adore me some gay positive slash, and these two are Gotham's hottest couple. You just know Batman only wants Joker to share his Bat Cave. Joker can't wait for that day either.

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Harley and Ivy were made for each other. Harley teaches Ivy to have more fun, and Ivy leads her on a crime spree that rocks Gotham city and brings the Joker to his knees. Not bad for two gals from the big city.

Ivy has to be one of my favorite characters to pair with anybody, so yeah I'm partial.


Nothing like true love, right kids? Joker and Harley love one another, when he isn't trying to kill her that is. But luckily Harley has more lives than Catwoman so it is all good.


You know he loves her. The endless obsession with his favorite Cat is going to be Batman's demise one day, but at least he'll die happy. Also a fan tribute to Catwoman, because she's smoking hot.

Random Batty Goodness

Return to the light with these fine products.

More JokerxBatman

Because you know you love to watch.


When he's all of legal age and everything, geezels.

Gotham Girls Gone Wild

Lesbian, straight, pansexual or bi, the girls of Gotham have everyone paying attention.


Denied! Ouch!


Because they go so well together, that's why.

Even More JokerXBatman

Ever notice how the Clown Prince of Gotham puts the moves on both sexes? He's out and proud, baby! So is Batsy come to think of it.

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