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Josh and John

Updated on November 6, 2019
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I am in love with fiction. I enjoy writing and composing great articles.

Josh and John 1

Josh and John is a fictitious story that centers on two boys. They first met in school and got to realize they looked extremely alike. Plus, they bore the same surname and seem to get along very well. Things began to change as they both met a girl named Ciara, a young beautiful girl in high school. What happened next? Why don’t you enjoy the rest of the story?


John and Josh (major characters)

best friend’s


friend to John and Josh

Mr. and Mrs. Blaze

Johns parents

Madam blaze (joy)

Josh’s mother

Mosco’s Academy

Mr. Tony

the headteacher ( h.t)

Miss Kate

disciplinary mistress (d.m.)


female student


male student

John’s was enrolled in Mosco’s academy

On a faithful Monday afternoon, John was taken to Mosco’s academy.
To be admitted to Jss 3.
He seemed not to accept his mum’s opinion concerning
a change of school. 

John: mum, I don’t like this school.

Mrs. Blaze: You should not conclude so soon. You will learn to like this school, my dear.

John: What’s wrong with Mystery High keen school

Mrs. Blaze: Nothing my love. Just that after our relocation from Fantic street, the cost of transporting you to school became a burden on me and your dad.

John: But, I.....

Mrs blaze cuts in 

Mrs blaze: But nothing sweety.

John: Can I visit my classmates once in a while? I will really miss them.

Mrs blaze: Sure, little john. I am quite sure you will get to love this school so much you will even forget you ever went to Mystery High keen schools.

John: look!!!! It’s dad let’s go and meet him.

He said dragging the mum by the hand taking her to where the dad was standing close to his car

Mr.blaze: how are you little john?

John: fine dad.

Mr. Blaze: you seem so unhappy, what’s wrong?

John: I’m fine. Just that I’ll miss Mystery High keen.

Mr Blaze: (stared at his wife with his eyes reminding her the 'I told you he wouldn't like the idea') I know you will. I and your mum will make sure you are comfortable here.

Mrs Blaze: You will soon make new friends and enjoy your stay here.

She spoke as she enters the car simultaneously as john 

John: It’s almost time for Paloma and Diego the final episode.

Mrs Blaze: Yah Horney! Move the car.

Mrs blaze spoke taping her husband's lap gently.
Mr. Blaze drove home at about 4:30 pm.


The next day at john’s house Otobi, Block 5 main street.

Mrs. Blaze: Wake up little John. You’ll be late for school.

John: Mum cant I skip today?

Mrs. Blaze: My love, I told the headteacher you will be present today, and I am very willing to stick to my words.

John: (after a whole lot of grumbling.) I will get myself ready for school.

After 30 minutes John was ready,
he had his breakfast and left for school.

John: Goodbye mum. (he said as he waves his mum goodbye.)

Mrs. Blaze: Make sure you make a good impression at school. I will come to pick you up, ok?

John: OK mum.

Miss Blaze watched her son as he vanished from sight.

At Josh’s house

Adis 23. Behind victorymary’s hotel.

Koffi: Knock, Knock!

He said as he bangs the door

Madam joy: Who is there?

Koffi: It’s Koffi. I am waiting for Josh. We are almost late for school.

Madam joy: He will be there in a second.

Koffi: Ok, mam.

Koffi stood a little more,
noticing how a boy walked in haste.
This reminded him he was almost late for school.
Just then, Josh appeared

Josh: Hi amigo, how are you?

Koffi: Fine, let’s hurry up. We are almost late for school. I still can’t believe you did not prepare early today.

Josh: I will prepare earlier next time.

Koffi: of course you will, that’s what you always say.

Josh: of course not, you just made that up.

 Josh and Koffi argued as they walked to school

John’s arrival at school

John had arrived about 20 minutes early.
The school is even weirder than he imagined.
A teacher named Miss Kate pronounced his name wrongly.

Miss Kate: You are early today.

John: Not knowing what to say ye…. ye… yes mam.

with a confused look.

Miss Kate: Yes mam? Something is different about you today. Well, hurry up go and join the others.

John: Ok, mam. Thanks a lot.

He left wondering where he had met her.

Josh’s arrival at school

Still arguing about a topic that seemed very important with Koffi.

Koffi: Look what you’ve caused.

Koffi said looking frightened.

Josh: We are late doesn’t mean we are going to be sentenced to hell.

Koffi: Don’t you see Miss Kate is on duty?

Josh: That doesn’t mean anything watch me.

Koffi watches josh walk straight to Miss Kate.

Josh: Hello, miss Kate.

Miss Kate: When did you go out? You should be in your class.

Josh: True Miss Kate.

Josh walks pass her after having a brief conversation with Miss Kate.
Koffi looked surprised.
Miss Kate never allows anyone a minute late
 to enter the school without at least 5 whips of the cane.
Perhaps she’s in a happy mood today.
Just then josh waved at Koffi to come.

Koffi: Walked as bold and confident as josh did.

Hello miss Kate.

Miss Kate: You are late today. This is totally unlike you; even josh was 20 minutes early.

Koffi: josh?

Koffi said in a low tone with his eyes looking at Miss Kate’s cane.

Miss Kate: Show me your palm.

Koffi: After receiving 6 whips of the cane plus detention

I can’t believe she flogged me and spared you she even told me you were 20 minutes early to cover up.

Josh: Looking surprised himself.

I was surprised she spared me too.

They both walked into the class as 
it was almost time for the first lesson to commence.

© 2019 Mose Adam Truett

To be continued.

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    • Trooly profile imageAUTHOR

      Mose Adam Truett 

      5 weeks ago

      I am glad you liked it CONSCIOUS DREAMER

    • Trooly profile imageAUTHOR

      Mose Adam Truett 

      4 months ago

      thanks, I appreciate your point of view Asad.

    • Haleema Bibi profile image

      Conscious Dreamer 

      4 months ago from Pakistan

      I am eager to know what will happen next. Good read!

    • Asad Dillz profile image

      Asad Dillz Khan 

      4 months ago from United Kingdom

      Very interesting and amazing Story Moses, I really wanna read next part as well. I have a Curiosity to read your upcoming hubs.. Thanks for this beautiful writing piece!

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      great story no wonder it was featured.

    • Trooly profile imageAUTHOR

      Mose Adam Truett 

      4 months ago

      Thank you. Its great knowing you.

    • Iqra431 profile image


      4 months ago from Pakistan

      good luck for your next part....

    • Trooly profile imageAUTHOR

      Mose Adam Truett 

      4 months ago

      I definitely will. Just waiting to see at least 5 comments on the comment section.

    • Iqra431 profile image


      4 months ago from Pakistan

      omg as the story gets intrested the part end bad luck....

      upload its next part soon moses

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      I think Josh and John are brothers.

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      The story is interesting.


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