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Journals and Stationary at Chronicle Books

Updated on October 9, 2014

Amy Butler Stationary


Your Personal Style at Chronicle Books

Are you drawing a blank about what to purchase for friends, family, and loved ones on your gift list? Sometimes a clean slate is the perfect starting point.

I am quite sure that Chronicle Books has the perfect journal for everyone that I care for. Journals and day books are gifts that keep on giving, and when arriving at the end of the year everybody has a terrific reminder and record of all the important events, as they happened.

In the age of video chatting, social networks, and email it might seem that old school communication is something for the former millennium. Not true, I quite enjoy taking pen to paper and share and exchanging news with friends across the country. It is nice to take the time to show that you really care. Receiving "snail mail" in kind is also a very welcome change from the bills and junk mail that I usually find.

Chronicle Books offers hundreds of journals, date books, and stationary options, which you will find on their Internet site. The products included in this resource are my personal picks. I am sure you will discover many others of your own!

The Sith Lord Deals with Daddyhood

Darth Vader and Son Flexi Journal
Darth Vader and Son Flexi Journal

A perfect gift for dad's who love Star Wars!


Darth Vader and Son

Last year I purchased the what-if book, Darth Vader and Son as a gift for my son. This spin-off journal if a perfect addition to his Star Wars collection, and he can fill the pages with news about his own two sons, the next generation of Star Wars enthusiasts!

The Darth Vader and Son Journal was inspired by Jeffrey Brown's book Darth Vader and Son. The book gained positive recognition across the globe. Complete with the comical artwork of Jeffrey Brown, this journal will certainly put a smile on the face of Dad daily as he fills the pages with memories of his own experiences at being a father. He also probably has shared the same parenting issues as the Sith Lord and will appreciate Darth Vader's ups-and-downs of being a father.

Darth Vader Faces Fatherhood

Cook's One Line A Day

With three chef's in the family, I might buy this little gem in bulk. My son is currently attending culinary college to attain his red seal. This is the perfect opportunity to make the most of this handy, little book.

A five-year culinary memory book, Cook's One Line A Day is designed to record the most noteworthy of culinary experience's. Events which are worthy of being remembered will now be recorded day-by-day, allowing favorite meals, special occasions, never-to-repeat kitchen disasters, and all aspects from the kitchen creates a unique cookbook for every cook.

Vintage Keyboard Journal
Vintage Keyboard Journal

Just the right size to record creative brainstorms.


Vintage Keyboard

My son has surrounded himself with electronic keyboards ever since he was old enough to stand and his father and I surrounded his playpen with a variety of then state-of-the-art, now vintage keyboards.

As he approaches his 30th birthday, quite an evolution of keyboards and electronic music tools has evolved, and he was exposed to most along the way. He currently composes and produces electronic music. This replica from his early years is just right for him to record his creative ideas for new music.

It's Wicked!

Anne Taintor 2015 Engagement Calendar
Anne Taintor 2015 Engagement Calendar

Wickedly filling your weeks 52 times a year!


Anne Taintor 2015 Engagement Calendar

Anne Taintor displays quite a bt of humor through her depictions of domestic stereotypes from days gone by. In the spirit of advertisements in magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Anne tells it as it should have been said through art in greeting cards, postcards, calendars, journals and much more.

The mother's of my grandchildren will appreciate this engagement calendar full of wickedly witty reminders about car pools and household chores. In fact, there are quite a few Anne Taintor items which would fit nicely as gifts for my daughter in-laws!

Anne Taintor/Cars Mashup - A Fine Introduction to the Author

John Robshaw Stationary Collection

John Robshaw Designs
John Robshaw Designs | Source

And Now for Me...

I really look forward to sending and receiving, notes, cards, and letters to and from my lifelong friends. No gift makes me happier than a sweet collection of stationary products to share with my girlfriends!

John Robshaw Stationery Collection
John Robshaw Stationery Collection

Featuring the colorful prints of textile designer textile designer John Robshaw, this stationary set is perfect for making bold statements!


Amy Butler

Cameo Stationery Set
Cameo Stationery Set

This selection of lovely, feminine stationary is sure to add beauty and class to all handwritten correspondence. The set includes sixteen writing sheets of four unique patterns, sixteen envelopes, and sixteen address labels.


Wish List

Do you enjoy the personal style of handwritten stationary sets and journals. Which journals and stationary on your wish list?

Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books is inspired by the magic and importance of books. The publisher is known for best-selling, high quality special interest books with titles for every member of the family. You can discover more about the company and products through visiting the Chronicle Books website and supporting social-media sites.

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